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Edward Arber

angezeigt: 1-15 aus 15
(Zeitraum 950 - 1990)

angezeigt: 1-15 aus 15
(Zeitraum 950 - 1990)

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Liste der Werke von Edward Arber

Arber, EdwardBuckingham, George Villiers of/Arber, Edward

The rehearsalFirst acted 7 Dec. 1671, Publ. (? July) 1672. With illustrations from previous plays, etc. ; London 1868

Arber, EdwardGascoigne, George/Arber, Edward

Certayne notes of instruction in English verse ...; London 1868

Arber, EdwardLatimer, Hugh/Arber, Edward

Seven sermons before Edward VI ...on each Friday in Lent, 1549 ; Birmingham 1869

Arber, EdwardGosson, Stephen/Arber, Edward

The schoole of abuse(August?) 1579 ; and a short apologie of the schoole of abuse, (November?) 1579 ; London 1868

Arber, EdwardArber, Edward

The revelation to the monk of Evesham ...1196. Carefully ed. from the unique copy, now in the British Museum, of the ed. printed ; Birmingham 1869

Arber, EdwardAscham, Roger/Arber, Edward

The scholemasterwritten between 1563-8, posthumously publ. ; Birmingham 1870

Arber, EdwardWatson, Thomas/Arber, Edward

Poems; Birmingham 1870

Arber, EdwardArber, Edward/Howard, Henry

Tottel's miscellanySonges and sonettes by Henry Howard ... and uncertain authors. 1. ed. of 5th june; collated with the 2nd ed. of 31st july, 1557 ; London 1870

Arber, EdwardUdall, Nicholas/Arber, Edward

Roister DoisterCarefully ed. from the unique copy, new at Eton College ; London 1869

Arber, EdwardLever, Thomas/Arber, Edward

Sermons1550 ; London 1870

Arber, EdwardGooge, Barnabe/Arber, Edward

Eglogs, epytaphes, and sonettes ...1563 ; London 1871

Arber, EdwardSelden, John/Arber, Edward

Table-talk1689 ; London 1868

Arber, EdwardAddison, Joseph/Arber, Edward

Criticism on Milton's Paradise Lost ...From "The spectator", 31 December, 1711 - 3 May, 1712 ; London 1868

Arber, EdwardWebbe, Edward/Arber, Edward

trauailes1590 ; London 1868

Arber, EdwardHabington, William/Arber, Edward

CastaraThe 3. ed. of 1640 ed. and collated with the earlier ones of 1634, 1635 ; London 1870

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