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Richard Morris

angezeigt: 1-17 Treffer aus 17
(Zeitraum 950 - 1990)

angezeigt: 1-17 Treffer aus 17
(Zeitraum 950 - 1990)

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Liste der Werke von Richard Morris

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard

Old English Homelies and homiletic traetises ... of the ...; London (1873)

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Cowper, Joseph Meadows

An old English miscellanycontaining a bestiary, Kentish sermons, proverbs of Alfred, religious poems of the thirteenth century ; from manuscripts in the British Museum, Bodleian Library , Jesus College Library, etc. ; London 1872

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Schultz, Heinrich

Specimens of early Englishwith introductions, notes and glossarial index ; Oxford 1871

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Arber, Edward

The story of Genesis and Exodus early English song, about A. D. 1250. Now first ed. from a unique ms. in the library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, with introduction, notes, and glossary ; London 1865

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Arber, Edward

Sir Gawayne and the green knight alliterative romance-poem, (ab. 1320 - 30 A. D.) ; London 1864

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Skeat, Walter W.

Legends of the holy roodsymbols of the passion and cross-poems ; in old English of the eleventh, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries ; from mss. in the British Museum and Bodleian Librries with introduction, translation, and glossarial index ; London 1871

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Marryat, Florence

Specimens of early Englishwith introductions, notes and glossarial index ; Oxford 1872

Morris, RichardBoethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus/Morris, Richard

Chaucer's translation of Boethius's "De consolatione philosophiae" ...From the add. ms. 10,340 in the British Museum. Collated with the Cambridge Univ. Libr. ms. Ii. 3.21 ; London 1868

Morris, RichardRobinson, Emma/Morris, Richard

Whitefriars oder Die Tage Karls des Zweiten ...ein historischer Roman ; Stuttgart 1845

Morris, RichardMorris, Richard/Garnier, Charles G.

Liber cure cocorumCopied and edited from the Sloane MS. 1986 by Richard Morris ; Berlin 1862

Morris, RichardRolle, Richard/Morris, Richard

The pricke of conscience(Stimulus conscientiae). A Northumbrian poem. Copied and edited From mss. in the Library of the British Museum. With an introd. notes, and glossarial index ; Berlin 1863

Morris, RichardRitson, Joseph/Morris, Richard

Robin Hooda collection of all the ancient poems, songs and ballads, now extant relative to that celebrated english outlaw ; To which are prefixed historical anecdotes of his life ; London (1832)

Morris, RichardHaller, Albrecht von/Morris, Richard

Albertus Hallerus h. t. decanus disputationem inauguralem nobilissimi viri ...; Gottinga 1749

Morris, RichardGresser, Franz A./Morris, Richard

Diss. inaug. med. de ictero; Erfordia 1741

Morris, RichardKrause, Carl Christian/Morris, Richard

De inventione indicationum universim, disp. inaug. ...; Lipsia 1753

Morris, RichardRichardson, Samuel/Morris, Richard

Lettres angloises ou histoire de Miss Clarisse Harlove ...Avec figures ; Paris 1774

Morris, RichardRoscoe, William Caldwell/Morris, Richard

Poems and essays; London (1860)

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