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Aphthonius [Antiochenus]

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(Time Period 750 - 2010)

& Christoph Praetorius

Aphthonii Progymnasmata

Regensburg, Staatliche Bibliothek -- 999/Philos.484/487

Francofurti 1655



Aphthonii Sophistae Progymnasmata

Regensburg, Staatliche Bibliothek -- 999/Class.552

Coloniae 1532



Progymnasmata 406#Beibd.2

Lipsia 1591




L.eleg.m. 506#Beibd.2

Colonia Agrippina 1532

showing: 1-40 of 60
(Time Period 750 - 2010)

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List of Works from Aphthonius [Antiochenus]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Hermogenes <Tarsensis>: Rhetores In Hoc Volvmine Habentvr Hi. Aphtonii Sophistae Progymnasmata. ...; Venetiis (1508) [Manutius]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Harbart, Burchardus: Progymnasmata; Lipsia 1591 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Colonia 1574 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Harbart, Burchardus: Progymnasmata ...; Lipsia 1596 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; S.l. 1596 [Chouet]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Praeludia; Augusta Vindelicorum 1543 [Ulhardus]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Praetorius, Christoph: Aphthonii ProgymnasmataPraeceptis Et Exemplis Novis Illustrata Et Ad Usum Applicata ; Francofurti 1655 [Klosemann]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Alardus <Aemstelredamus>: Aphthonii Sophistae Progymnasmata ...; Coloniae 1532 [Soter]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Wratislavia 1689 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>: Aphthonius reformatus ...... seu ... Progymnasmata ; Colonia Agrippina 1620 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>: Aphthonius reformatus... seu ... Progymnasmata ; Colonia Agrippina 1624 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Amsterodamum 1657 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>: Aphthonius reformatus... seu ... Progymnasmata ; Colonia Agrippina 1629 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Francofurtum 1603 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Amsterodamum 1659 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Colonia 1614 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Lugdunum 1602 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>: Progymnasmata Propylaeum eloquentiae ...; Colonia Agrippina 1643 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Babrius: Apologi sev Fabellae Aesopicae Graeco Ac Latino Carmine prosaque ...; Hanoviae 1603 [Marnius]

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>/Agricola, Rudolf: Progymnasmata; Amsterodamum 1655 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>: Progymnasmata; Colonia 1574 []

Aphthonius [Antiochenus]Aphthonius <Antiochenus>: Progymnasmata; Lipsia 1591 []

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