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Would you like to order a digitized manuscript, map or book? Our Dokumentenlieferung „Altes Buch“ (Reproduction service „Old Books“) can provide copies or scans of single or more pages or of entire manuscripts, old and rare printed publications and newspapers for a fee. However, it is only possible to produce scans of works that are not protected by german copyright law.

Availability and Delivery

Your copies can be delivered either as a paper copy, on DVD or saved on a USB stick or via Internet download. The bigger part of the collections of the BSB (including special collections such as maps, music engravings, autographs e.a.) is available this way. Please refer to our current tariff list for further details about quantities and charges. The publication (hereby meaning the further reproduction of our copies or scans) is subject to authorization and usually subject to charges. Please refer to our list of reproduction fees. When ordering digital reproductions, we kindly request you to state the intended use of the ordered images.

Many digital objects of the Bavarian State Library are also available as free PDF-Copy for personal use. Please attend to the Copyright of the BSB.


The Bavarian State Library unfortunately cannot guarantee the execution and delivery of any order; it also is not possible for us to name exact delivery dates, as aspects of conservation have top priority for us. However, any copies will be delivered as soon as possible – in general within four weeks after receipt of order or of payment. Usage of our service is also possible for customers who are no registered users of the library. Copies are delivered generally without any post-editing. But of course it is always possible to post-edit any image we deliver. For post-editing, you can address any service provider of your choice.

To order a reproduction, please use our EraTo programme to create a fully completed form. Please fax or post a signed print-out of this form to Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Dokumentlieferung „Altes Buch“, 80328 Munich, Germany, Fax: ++ 49 89 28638-2775

Information about Quality

We generally offer copies in two degrees of quality: Scans for common use are generally produced with a resolution of 150 ppi and saved as JPEG without embedded colour profiles. If camera-ready copies should be necessary, the scans are produced with a resolution of 400 ppi and saved as TIFF with embedded ICC profile. Additionally, these can be processed to greyscale images with 256 levels. Before doing so, the data is converted to sRGB to preserve the colouring. If you wish to reprint the images, we ask you to let us know so before you post your order. By this, we can ensure the scans will meet all printmaking demands.

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News 02.09.2014

Latest Additions to our Digital Collections


Updated daily: Latest additions to the Digital Collections of the Bavarian State Library. Items online: 1,045,800


News 01.09.2014

Now available online: Hartmann Schedels personal personal book collection


The Nuremberg chronicle of the physician and humanist Hartmann Schedel (1440 to 1514) was published from 1493 in different editions. Schedel's library is considered the most comprehensive private collection of books in Germany, which has survived from the 15th century. Schedel was interested in almost all areas of knowledge in the late Middle Ages. The Bavarian State Library preserves over 370 manuscripts and 460 prints from the possession of Hartmann Schedel today.


News 23.08.2014

„Music Treasures Consortium“ with 125 music manuscripts of the BSB


The „Music Treasures Consortium“ of the Library of Congress prvides online access to the most important music manuscripts and print materials from the collections of the most prestigious music libraries. Now the metadata of 125 music manuscripts of the BSB are available on this platform.


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