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The Bavarian State Library will be closed on October 3, 2014 (German Unification Day).


News 01.10.2014

Now online: The Bellifortis by Konrad Kyeser


The Bellifortis by Konrad Kyeser illustrates on more than 300 pages military technology from the perspective of the Middle Ages. It also contains the first known picture of a chastity belt. Tis manuscript was createt between 1402 and 1405 in Bohemia.


News 30.09.2014

Now online: Pictures from the estate of Therese, princess of Bavaria


The estate of Therese, princess of Bavaria contains an extensive collection of photographs from travels who led the princess between 1871 and 1911 to Spain, Portugal and Greece, Tunis and Algeria, northern Europe, Russia, Brazil and the west of South America. This collection is available online now.


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Due to urgent system maintenance works at the BSB, the following services will be unavailable from October 3 (00:00) to October 6, 2014 (approx. 10:00 AM CEST): order, reservation, extension, account features in the OPACplus (research remains possible), fee payment at the pay machines, issue and return desks (General Reading Room). Access to our Digital Collections will not be affected an remains available without any restriction.


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