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(Time Period 750 - 2016)

Wiltshire freeholder's book

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1850
Rar. 4165,360


Index pedum finium pro com. Wigorn, ab 1 ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1865
Rar. 4165,388


Broadway register - Marriages begin 1539, in Co. ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,386


North Wiltshire Musters, anno 30 Henry VIII. from ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1834
Rar. 4165,372 a


Cartularium Saxonicum Malmsburiense in com. Wilts

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,354


John Aubrey 

Memoires of natural remarques in the county of ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1838
Rar. 4165,353


Wilts. inquisitiones post mortem, anno 43. eliz.

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1850
Rar. 4165,369


North Wiltshire Musters, anno 30 Henry VIII. from ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1834
Rar. 4165,372 b


Index to Articles printed from the Cotton MSS., ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,74


Numismata vetera et inscriptiones ex voto ex ruderibus ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1855
Rar. 4165,58


Cambridgeshire visitation, 1619

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,50


Mickleton register of marriages begins in 1594.

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,129


The Bell Post

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1860
Rar. 4165,107


Silvius Sabellis 

Ex vita ducis Valentino

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,49,2


Thomas Phillipps 

Three letters of Julius

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,9


Anecdote related by Mr. Steiger to Lord Mahon

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,105


The Bell Post

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1865
Rar. 4165,108


Wiltshire pipe rolls temp. Henrici 2

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1853
Rar. 4165,375


A short and true account of the several ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1850
Rar. 4165,21


Sir Richd. Bampfylde's Deeds, & Evidences, Co. Devon. ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,400


Edward Goulburn 

The Epwell hunt

[Middle Hill] 1847
Rar. 4165,152


Cartularium abbatiae de Fontanis

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,401


Index to the Pedes finium for Wiltshire, [year ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1853
Rar. 4165,367


[Two woodcuts of brasses at Stratfield Mortimer]

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,415


Irrotulacio cartarum Henrici, Comitis Wigorniae

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,383


Excerpta ex Cartul. cath. St. David

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1850
Rar. 4165,414


Index pedum finium for Worcestershire

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1853
Rar. 4165,391



[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1858
Rar. 4165,379


Thomas Coventry 

Memoranda of Thomas Coventry, Earl of Coventry

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1840
Rar. 4165,421


Sale at Spring-Hill 1820 of Mr. W. Willan's ...

[Middle Hill, Worcestershire] 1820
Rar. 4165,420

showing: 1-39 of 39
(Time Period 750 - 2016)

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Mayence ; Londres Mayence ; Londres Mayence ; London Mayence ; London Mayen Mayen Maydeburg Maydeburg Maulbronn Maulbronn Mattium Cattorum Mattium Cattorum Massel Massel Massae Carrariae Massae Carrariae Mascon Mascon Martis Mertesdorf Martis Mertesdorf Marsêyl Marsêyl Marseille & Paris Marseille & Paris Marpurgk Marpurgk Marosvásárhely Marosvásárhely Markt Taschendorf Markt Taschendorf Marienthal Marienthal Marid Marid Marianopoli Marianopoli Mariaeinsula Mariaeinsula Mariaeburgi Mariaeburgi Margvrgi Cattorvm Margvrgi Cattorvm Marcobraita Marcobraita Marck Eynersheim Marck Eynersheim Marchthalum Marchthalum Marchtallum Marchtallum Marchioburgi Marchioburgi Marcerata Marcerata Marburg, Frankfurt und Leipzig Marburg, Frankfurt und Leipzig Marbach u.a. Marbach u.a. Marbach Marbach Mans et Paris Mans et Paris Manfredon. Manfredon. Manchester London Manchester London Mamgalūra Mamgalūra Mamgalūr Mamgalūr Mamers Mamers Mallaca Mallaca Maliujia Maliujia Malino Malino Malda in Bengal Malda in Bengal Makassar Makassar Mainburg Mainburg Mainbernheim Mainbernheim Main Main Mailand, Verona, München u.a. Mailand, Verona, München u.a. Magradoux Magradoux Magno-Varadini Magno-Varadini Magdeburgi i.e. Basel Magdeburgi i.e. Basel Madīnat Saʿda Madīnat Saʿda Madison Madison Macoo Macoo M... M... M.-Varadini M.-Varadini M. ... M. ... In monte Pulcricampi In monte Pulcricampi Bey Meintz zu S. Victor Bey Meintz zu S. Victor A Mazuli A Mazuli



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