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Sara C. Bull 

Ole Bull

Biogr. 154 rt

Boston 1888


Samuel Woodworth Cozzens 

Theœ marvellous country

Regensburg, Staatliche Bibliothek -- 999/Hist.pol.6,770

Boston [u.a.] 1873

angezeigt: 1-40 aus 304
(Zeitraum 750 - 1990)

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BostonEichberg, Julius

The doctor of Alcantaraopera bouffe ; libretto by Benjamin E. Woolf ; Boston [?1862]

BostonJungmann, Albert

Heimweh = Home Desire; Boston 1859

BostonPeirce, Benjamin

Physical and celestial mechanics ...Developed in 4 systems of analytic mechanics, celestial mechanics, potential physics, and analytic morphology. (auch unt. d. Titel:) A system of analytic mechanics ; Boston 1855

BostonNoble, Edmund

Russia and the Russians; Boston [u.a.] 1900

BostonZweibrücken, Wilhelm vonœ

My Campaigns in America: A Journal Kept by Count ...Translated from the French Manuscript, With an Introduction and Notes, by Samuel Abbott Green. (Zweibrücken, Wilh. v.) ; Boston 1868

BostonDrake, Francis S.

Dictionary of American Biography, including men of the time; ...Giving also the pronunciation of many of the foreign and peculiar American names, a key to the assumed names of writers, and a supplement ; Boston 1872

BostonProctor, Edna Dean

Aœ Russian journey; Boston 1873

BostonUnderwood, Francis Henry

A hand-book of English literature ...intended for the use of high schools, as well as a companion and guide for private students, and for general readers ; Boston 1871-1873

BostonBurns, Robert/Cunningham, Allan

The works of Robert Burnsin four volumes ; Boston (1834)

BostonChanning, William Ellery

Thoreau: The poet-naturalistWith memorial Verses. By William Ellery Channing ; Boston 1873

BostonLowell, James Russell

Among my BooksContents: Dryden. Witchcraft. Shakespeare once more. New England two centuries ago. Lessing. Rousseau and the Sentimentalists ; Boston 1872

BostonClark, John Bates

Social justice without socialism ...; Boston [u.a.] 1914

BostonFoster, John Watson

Theœ Practice of diplomacy as illustrated in the foreign ...; Boston & New York 1906

BostonBull, Sara C.

Ole Bulla memoir ; Boston 1888

BostonCozzens, Samuel Woodworth

Theœ marvellous countryor three years in Arizona and New Mexico, the Apaches' home ; comprising a description of this wonderul country, its immense mineral wealth, its magnificent mountain scenery, the ruins of ancient towns and cities found therein, with a complete history of the Apache tribe, and description of the Author's guide, Cochise, the Great Apache war chief ; the whole interspersed with strange events and adventures ; Boston [u.a.] [ca. 1873]

BostonShakespeare, William

The works of William Shakespeare ...The plays edited from the folio of 1623, with various readings from all the editions and all the commentators, notes, introductory remarks, a historical sketch of the text, an account of the rise and progress of the English drama, a memoir of the poet, and an essay upon the genius by Richard Grant Mite. In 12 Vols. ; Boston 1869

BostonRoosevelt, Theodore

Thomas Hart Benton; Boston 1900

BostonLives of Daniel Boone and Benjamin Lincoln ...; Boston 1847

BostonLives of John Sullivan, Jacob Leisler, Nathaniel Bacon, and ...; Boston 1844

BostonLives of Leonard Calvert, Samuel Ward, and Thomas Posey ...; Boston 1846

BostonLives of Charles Lee and Joseph Reed ...; Boston 1846

BostonLives of Roger Williams, Timothy Dwight, and Count Pulaski ...; Boston 1847

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