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(Zeitraum 950 - 1990)

Alexander Agassiz 

Revision of the Echini

4 Zool. 239 i-3,1,1/3

Cambridge, Mass. 1873


The book of common prayer

Res/4 Liturg. 80

Cambridge 1761


Kuno Francke 

German after-war problems 1218 m

Cambridge, Mass. 1927

angezeigt: 1-40 Treffer aus 315
(Zeitraum 950 - 1990)

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Liste der Werke aus Cambridge

CambridgeSelwyn, William/Patin, Charles

Winfrid afterwards called Boniface ...A. D. 680 - 755 ; Cambridge 1865

CambridgeKellet, Edward/Cajetan, Thomas

Miscellanies of divinitiedivided into three books ; Cambridge 1633

CambridgeStebbing, Henry/Longhi, Lorenzo

Polemical Tracts or a collection of papers written in ...; Cambridge 1727

CambridgeEuclides/Hill, M. J.

The Contents of the fifth and sixth Books of ...; Cambridge 1900

CambridgePhilo <Alexandrinus>/Harris, James Rendel

Fragments of Philo Judaeus; Cambridge 1886

CambridgePetronius <Arbiter>/Beck, Charles

Theœ manuscripts of the Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter ...; Cambridge, Mass. 1863

CambridgeStewart, Charles

Aœ descriptive catalogue of the Oriental Library of the ...; Cambridge 1809

CambridgeCampbell, Alfred W.

Histological studies on the localisation of cerebral function ...; Cambridge 1905

CambridgeClark, W./Schuster, Julius

Aœ case of human monstrositywith a commentary (and IV plates) ; From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society ; Cambridge 1831

CambridgeBarrington, Amy

A first study of the inheritance of vision and ...By Amy Barrington and Karl Pearson. With 1 plate and 3 diagrams in the text ; Cambridge 1909

CambridgeBurn, Robert/Aemilius <Probus>

Rome and the Campagna: An historical and topographical description ...With 85 illustrations by Jewitt, and 25 maps and plans ; Cambridge and London 1871

CambridgeClarke, Edward Daniel/Le Blond <Abbé>

The tomb of AlexanderDissertation on the sarcophagus, brought from Alexandria and now in the British Museum ; Cambridge 1805

CambridgeSafford, Truman Henry

Aœ catalogue of the declinations of 532 stars near ...[From the Memoirs of the American Academy, New Series, Vol. VIII.] ; Cambridge 1861

CambridgeBond, George Phillips

On the great comet of 1844 - 45 ...; Cambridge 1850

CambridgeBond, George Phillips

On the relative brightness of the sun and moon ...from observations made at the observatory of Harvard College ; Cambridge 1861

CambridgeBond, George Phillips

On the results of Photometric experiments upon the light ...made at the observatory of Harvard College ; Cambridge 1861

CambridgeBond, George Phillips

On the new form of the achromatic object-glass introduced ...; Cambridge 1863

CambridgePickering, Edward Charles

An Investigation in Stellar Photography conducted at the Havard ...By Edward C. Pickering. Extracted from Vol. XI of the Memoirs of the American Academy ; Cambridge 1886

CambridgePickering, Edward Charles

Variable Stars of long PeriodThe Astronomical Observatory at Harvard College ; Cambridge 1891

CambridgeAiry, George Biddell

Account of the Northumberland Equatoreal and Dome ...attached to the Cambridge Observatory ; Cambridge 1844

CambridgeBèze, Théodore deœ/Scrivener, Frederick Henry Ambrose

Bezae Codex Cantabrigiensisbeing an exact copy, in ordinary type, of the celebrated unical Graeco-Latin manuscript of the four Gospels and Acts of the Apostels ; Cambridge u.a. 1864

CambridgeHatsell, John

Camden miscellany; Cambridge [u.a.] 1846

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