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The Priory of Hexham

Acad. 27 m-46

Durham 1865


The Priory of Hexham

Acad. 27 m-44

Durham 1864


Denis Grenville 

The remains

Acad. 27 m-47

Durham 1865

angezeigt: 1-31 aus 31
(Zeitraum 750 - 1990)

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DurhamTaylor, George/Surtees, Robert

A memoir of Robert Surtees; Durham 1852

DurhamHatfield, Thomas/Greenwell, William

Bishop Hatfield's surveya record of the possessions of the see of Durham ; with an appendix of original documents and a glossary ; Durham 1857

DurhamGreenwell, William

Boldon Buke, a survey of the possessions of the ...made by order of bishop Hugh Pudsey, in the year MCLXXXIII ; with an translation, an appendix of original documents, and a glossary ; Durham 1852

DurhamRaine, James [Hrsg.]

Depositions from the Castle of York, relating to offences ...; Durham 1861

DurhamTonge, Thomas/Longstaffe, William H.

Heraldic visitation of the Northern counties in 1530 ...with an appendix of other heraldic documents relating to the North of England ; Durham 1863

DurhamBarnes, Ambrose

Memoirs of the life of Mr. Ambrose Barnes, late ...with an index ; Durham 1867

DurhamWalbran, John R.

Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains ...; Durham (1863)

DurhamGrenville, Denis/Drake, Nathan

Miscellaneacomprising I. The works and letters of Dennis Granville, D.D., Dean of Durham. II. Nathan Drakes account of the siege of Pontefract Castle. III. A brief memoir of Mr. Justice Rokeby ; Durham 1861

DurhamBest, Henry/Norcliffe, Charles B.

Rural economy in Yorkshire in 1641 ...being the Farming and Account Books of Henry Best ; Durham 1857

DurhamSimon <Dunelmensis>

Symeonis Dunelmensis opera et collectanea ...; Durham (1868)

DurhamLongstaffe, William H.

The acts of the High Commission Court within the ...; Durham 1858

DurhamCosin, John/Ornsby, George

The correspondence of John Cosin, Lord Bishop of Durham ...together with other papers illustrative of his life and times ; Durham (1869)

DurhamDe la Pryme, Abraham/Jackson, Charles

The diary of Abraham De la Pryme, the Yorkshire ...; Durham 1870

DurhamRaine, James

The fabric rolls of York Minster, with an appendix ...; Durham 1859

DurhamBarnes, Richard/Raine, James

The Injunctions and other ecclesiastical proceedings of Richard Barnes ...; Durham 1850

DurhamEbchester, William/Burnby, John

The obituary roll of William Ebchester and John Burnby, ...with notices of similar records preserved at Durham from the year 1233 downwards, letters of fraternity, &c ; Durham 1856

DurhamThe Priory of Hexhamits chroniclers, endowments and annals ; Durham 1865

DurhamThe Priory of Hexhamits chroniclers, endowments and annals ; Durham (1864)

DurhamGrenville, Denis

The remainsbeing a further selection from his correspondence, diaries, and other papers ; Durham (1865)

DurhamKirkby, John

The survey of the County of York, taken by ...also inquisitions of knights' fees, the nomina villarum for Yorkshire and an appendix of illustrative documents ; Durham 1867

DurhamDugdale, William

The visitation of the country of Yorke ...begun in a.D. MDCLXV. and finished a.D. MDCLXVI. ; Durham 1859

DurhamTheœ inventories and account rolls of the Benedictine houses ...; Durham 1854

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