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(Time Period 950 - 1990)

Ludwig van Beethoven 


4 33967#Beibd.1

London 1820


Arthur Sullivan 

The Window

4 31274

London 1871


Preußen vor den Assisen

J.publ.g. 927,14

London 1866


John A. Stevenson 

Merrily Oh!

2 2598#Beibd.11

London 1812


J. Catrufo 

Vocalizzi nuovi

2 2598#Beibd.26

London 1835


G. Herbert Rodwell 

Buy my flowers

2 2598#Beibd.8

London 1835

showing: 1-40 of 16.605
(Time Period 950 - 1990)

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List of Works of London

LondonRaleigh, Walter

The history of the worldin fife books ; London 1687

LondonLivingstone, David

A map of the forest plateau of Africa ...shewing the great rivers and lakes discovered and explored by Dr. Livingstone and those laid down by him in accordance with information which he obtained from natives and Arabs ; London [1874]

LondonBentham, Jeremy

Supply without Burthen; Or Escheat vice Taxation ...being a Proposal For A Saving In Taxes By An Extension of the Law of Escheat: Including Strictures on the Texes On Collateral Succession, Comprized in the Budget of 7th Dec. 1795 ; to which is prefixed, (Printed in 1793, and now first published,) A Protest Against Law Taxes: Shewing The Peculiar Mischievousness of all such Impositions as add to the Expense Of An Appeal to Justice ; London 1795

LondonPaisiello, Giovanni/Chiari, Pietro

Il Marchese TulipanoA New Comic Opera, In Two Acts ; As Performed At The King's Theatre In The Hay-Market ; London 1686 [i.e.: 1786]

LondonKinneir, John Macdonald/Arrowsmith, Aaron

Map Of The Countries lying between the Euphrates And ...[Gewidmet] Sir John Malcolm Knight ; London 1813

LondonPeet, Thomas Eric

The Mayer Papyri A & B, nos m. 11162 ...; London 1920

LondonParnell, Henry

A treatise on Roadswherein the principles on which roads should be made are explained and illustrated, by the plans, specifications, and contracts ; London 1833

LondonChristie, James

A disquisition upon Etruscan Vases ...displaying their probable connection with the shows et Eleusis, and the Chinese feast of Lanterns, with explanations of a few of the principal allegories depicted upon them ; London 1806

LondonKravčinskij, Sergej M./Volkhovskii, Feliks

Nihilism as it isbeing Stepniak's pamphlets and Felix Volkhovsky's "Claims of the Russian liberals" ; London [ca. 1895]

LondonSchechter, Šn̂êor Z.

Masekhet Avot de-Rabi Natanbi-shete nushaʾot ... ; London 1887

LondonWhitling, Henry John

Rambles in GermanyBeing pictures of Nuremberg and sketches in the hills and valleys of Franconia ; London 1850

LondonWhitling, Henry John

Rambles in GermanyBeing pictures of Nuremberg and sketches in the hills and valleys of Franconia ; London 1850

LondonChamberlain, Basil Hall

A practical introduction to the study of Japanese writing ...; London 1905

LondonBenson, Jane

Quaker pioneers in Russia; London 1902

LondonSpohr, Louis/Taylor, Edward

The fall of Babylonan oratorio ; London [ca. 1867]

LondonNewton, Charles Thomas

Travels and discoveries in the Levant ...; London (1865)

LondonOxley, T. Louis

Jacques Balmat, or The first ascent of Mont Blanc ...a True Story ; London 1881

LondonNewton, Charles Thomas

Travels and discoveries in the Levant ...; London (1865)

LondonCunningham, Alexander

The Bhilsa Topes or Buddhist monuments of Central India ...comprising a brief historical sketch of the rise, progress, and decline of Buddhism; with an account of the opening and examination of the various groups of topes around Bhilsa ; London 1854

LondonBerjeau, Jean P.

Canticum Canticorumreproduced in facsimile from the Scriverius copy in the British Museum ; with an historical and bibliographical introduction ; London 1860

LondonInternational Inventions Exhibition, London, 1885 ...Division I. inventions ; Division II. music ; London 1885

LondonBīrūnī, Abu-'r-Raihān Muhammad Ibn-Ahmad al-/Sachau, Eduard

Chronology of ancient nationsan English version of the Arabic text of the Atĥar-ul-b̂akiya of Alb̂ir̂un̂i, or "Vestiges of the past", collected and reduced to writing by the author in A.H. 390-1, A.D. 1000. ; London 1879

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