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(Zeitraum 750 - 1950)

James Russell Lowell 

The Biglow papers

P.o.angl. 212 ob-2,2

London 1862


Joseph Mazzinghi 

Swiss air

4 87.2118

London u.a. 1813


Walter Turnbull 

The dream

4 89.813

London 1830


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

In quali eccessi o numi

4 2008.3883

London [u.a.] 1817


Sophie Gail 

L' autre jour

4 2008.3879

London 1830


Francesco Masini 

Si tu savais comme je t'aime

4 2012.4252#Beibd.7

London 1850


Charles Dibdin 

The death of Nelson

4 2008.3882

London [u.a.] 1807


Francesco Masini 


4 2012.4252#Beibd.2

London 1850


George A. Lee 

The Swiss exile

4 91.448

London 1840


George Soane 

The lily too is fair

4 2012.7556

London 1850


Joseph Gungl 

Charles Stuart

4 88.1300

London 1850

angezeigt: 1-40 aus 16.714
(Zeitraum 750 - 1950)


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Liste der Werke aus London

LondonDarwin, Charles: On the Origin of species by means of natural ...or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life ; London 1859 []

LondonStamitz, Johann: Six solos for a violin with a thorough bass ...; London [ca. 1765] [Welcker]

LondonShepherd, John: Critical And practical Elucidation Of The Morning And Evening ...; London (1801) [Rivington ; Faulder]

LondonShepherd, John: Critical And practical Elucidation Of The Morning And Evening ...; London 1798 [Rivington ; Faulder]

LondonLowell, James Russell: The Biglow papers; London 1862 [Trubner]

LondonReddie, J. F./Rossini, Gioachino: THEMA, FROM Rosini's Celebrated Cavatina, TU CHE ACCENDI, Arranged ...; London 1817 []

LondonMazzinghi, Joseph: Swiss airwith variations ; for the piano forte, harp & flute ; London u.a. 1813 [Goulding]

LondonStamitz, Johann: Three duetts to be play'd on one violin in ...; London ca. 1795 [Preston]

LondonTurnbull, Walter: The dream; London ca. 1830 [Clementi, Collard & Collard]

LondonMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: In quali eccessi o numirecitativo, e Mi tradi' quell' alma ingrata ; aria in the opera of Il Don Giovanni ; London [u.a.] [ca. 1817] [Goulding D'Almaine Potter]

LondonSterkel, Johann Franz Xaver: Six sonatas for the piano forte or harpsichord with ...op. 3 ; London ca. 1790 [Longman & Broderip]

LondonBoieldieu, François Adrien: Ce que je désireromance ; London [ca. 1840] [Walker]

LondonGail, Sophie: L' autre jourromance ; London [ca. 1830] [Watson]

LondonDoyle, Wesley: The parting hour is come lovea ballad ; imitated from the Italian ; London [ca. 1820] [Power]

LondonMasini, Francesco: Si tu savais comme je t'aimeromance ; London [ca. 1850] [Chappell]

LondonDibdin, Charles: The death of Nelsonan historical song ; London [u.a.] [ca. 1807] [Goulding]

LondonMasini, Francesco: Crois-moiromance ; London [ca. 1850] [Chappell]

LondonLewis, Matthew G./Horn, Charles E.: The banks of Allan Waterballad, as sung by Miss Stephens and Miss Paton ; London [1828] [Power]

LondonReddie, J. F.: The Hour is come, A Ballad WRITTEN BY Frederick ...; London 1819 []

LondonHalliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard: Illustrations of the life of Shakespeare ...In a discursive ser. of essays on a variety of subjects connected with the personal and literary history of the great dramatist ; London 1874 [Longman, Green]

London6th Report of the Commissioners appointed in 1868 to ...Rivers Pollution Commission (1868). The Domestic Water Supply of Great Britain. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty ; London 1874 [Printed by GE. Eyre]

LondonHändel, Georg Friedrich: Fac-simile of the autograph score of Messiah oratorio ; London 1868 [Sacred Harmonic Soc.]

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