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4 Biogr. 262 o

Manchester 1900


Thomas Bastard 


4 P.o.angl. 19 q-47

Manchester 1888


John Heywood 

The spider and the flie

4 P.o.angl. 19 q,NS-6

Manchester 1894

angezeigt: 1-40 aus 47
(Zeitraum 750 - 1950)


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Liste der Werke aus Manchester

ManchesterCorrespondence; Manchester 1900 [H. Rawson & Co.]

ManchesterHeywood, John: The spider and the flie; Manchester 1894 [Pr. f. the Spenser Soc. (by Ch. E. Simms]

ManchesterBastard, Thomas: ChrestolerosSeuen bookes of epigramas ; Manchester 1888 [Pr. for the Spenser Soc. (by Ch. E. Simms)]

ManchesterSchiller-Szinessy, Salomon M.: Specimens from an unpublished work, "The Gates of Zion" ...comprising Occasional Prayers, Addresses, Benedictions, Hymns, Scriptural Readings, and other Services. Selected for the use of Israelites, and chiefly intended as a manual for young rabbies. ; Manchester 1852 [Cave and Sever]

ManchesterPeacock, W. F.: A visit to the wonderful city of Uriconium, or ...; Manchester [1860] [Thomas Coles]

ManchesterFrench, Gilbert James: The life and times of Samuel Crompton inventor of ...With an appendix of original documents, including a paper on the origin of spinning by Rollers, read by Robert Cole, to the British Association for the Advancement of Science. (with portrait and facsimile) ; Manchester, London 1860 [Th. Dinham, Simpkin, Marsh.]

ManchesterBattye, Thomas: A disclosure of parochial abuse, artifice et peculation in ...; Manchester 1793 [Thomson]

ManchesterGreg, William R.: Agriculture and the corn-lawprize essay : showing the injurious effects of the corn-law upon tenant-farmers and farm-labourers ; Manchester [1842] [Simms and Co.]

ManchesterThompson, Thomas Perronet/Cobden, Richard: Corn lawsextracts from the works of Col. T. Perronet Thompson, author of the "Catechism on the corn laws" ; Manchester [ca. 1842] [Gadsby]

ManchesterHulton, William Adam: The coucher book or Chartulary of Whalley Abbey ...Ed. by W[illiam] A[dam] Hulton ; Manchester 1847 [Chetham Soc.]

ManchesterHulton, William Adam: The coucher book or Chartulary of Whalley Abbey ...Ed. by W[illiam] A[dam] Hulton ; Manchester 1849 [Chetham Soc.]

ManchesterAllen, William: Cardinal Allen‛s defence of Sir William Stanley‛s surrender of ...January 29, 15 86-7. Ed. by Thomas Heywood ; Manchester 1851 [Chetham Soc.]

ManchesterA catalogue of the collection of tracts for and ...Ed. by Thomas Jones ; Manchester 1864 [Chetham Soc.]

ManchesterKing, Thomas William: Lancashire funeral Certificates ...Ed. by Thomas William King. With additions by F[rancis] R[obert] Raines ; Manchester 1869 [Chetham Soc.]

ManchesterBright, John: Speeches on Parliamentary Reform, etc., by John Bright; delivered ...Revised by Himself ; Manchester (1867) [1 Bl. 77 S.]

ManchesterDalton, John: On the phosphates and arseniates, microcosmic salt, acids, bases ...; Manchester 1840 - 1842 [Harrison]

ManchesterAn impartial history of the war, from the commencement ...containing an accurate description of the sea engagements, sieges, battles, expeditions and conquests, of the various contending powers ; including an account of the general mutiny among the seamen at Spithead and the Nore, together with a particular narrative of the rise, progress and various events accompanying the rebellion in Ireland ; Manchester 1811 [Russel & Allen, Deansgate]

ManchesterHindmarsh, Robert: A seal upon the lips of Unitarians, Trinitarians, and ...containing illustrations of 144 passages in the 4 Evangelists and the Apocalypse ... ; To which is prefixed the interview extraordinary ... ; Manchester 1814=58 [Davis]

ManchesterSeacome, John: The History of the House of Stanley, from the ...; Manchester 1821 []

ManchesterReport of the annual Meeting of the Chess Association, ...Chess Association ; Manchester 1857 [Printed by Cave & Sever]

ManchesterWard, Adolphus William: Leibniz as a politicianthe Adamson lecture 1910 ; Manchester 1911 [Univ. Press]

ManchesterSidgwick, Henry: University education for women ...; Manchester 1913 [Univ. Press]

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