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New York

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(Zeitraum 750 - 2010)

A String of Pearls

Asc. 5408 s

New York 1855


Robert Goldbeck 

La complainte

4 2012.1617

New York 1860


William C. Bryant 

Picturesque America

BA/4 Am.b. 33 s-2

New York 1874


William Henry Fry 


4 229

New York ; Philadelphia 1846

angezeigt: 1-40 aus 709
(Zeitraum 750 - 2010)


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Liste der Werke aus New York

New YorkVetromile, Eugene: Indian Good Book, for the benefit of the Penobscot ...Auch mit d. T. Eugène Vetromile Alnamby uli Awikhigan ; New York 1857 [Edw. Dunigan and brother]

New YorkStohlmann, F.: Geistliches Betkämmerlein zur Einkehr gläubiger Christen ...Weihnachtsgabe, für Jung und Alt. (Hrsg: F. Stohlmann, sen.) (Gedichte) ; New York 1842 [Wilhelm Radde]

New YorkA String of PearlsEmbracing a scripture verse and a pious reflection for every day in the year. Bind them continually upon thy heart, and tie them about thy neck. - Proverbs vi, 21 ; New York (1855) [Carlton & Porter]

New YorkAdler, George J.: The poetry of the Arabs of Spain ...; New York 1867 []

New YorkVergilius Maro, Publius: The Aeneid of VirgilTranslated into English verse. By John Conington ; New York 1867 [W. J. Widdleton]

New YorkStanton, Henry Brewster: Sketches of reforms and reformers, of Great Britain and ...; New York, London 1849 []

New YorkKeating, Geoffrey: The history of Ireland from the earliest period to ...Foras feasa ar Eirinn do réir an athar seathrun Céiting, ollamh ré diadachta. Translated from the original Gaelic and copiously, annotated by John O'Mahony ; New York 1857 [P. M. Haverty]

New YorkMacNeven, William James: Pieces of the Irish History; New York 1807 [Dermin]

New YorkMoore, Nathaniel F.: Ancient mineralogyor, an inquiry ... ; New York 1834 []

New YorkGray, Asa: The genera of the plants of the United States ...; New York 1849 []

New YorkGray, Asa: The genera of the plants of the United States ...; New York 1849 []

New YorkComstock, J. L.: An introduction to the study of botany, including a ...; New York 1854 [Pratt, Woodford, Farmer and Brace]

New YorkDana, James D.: On the Homeomorphism of Mineral Species of the Trimetric ...(From the Annals of the Lyceuml of Natural History of New York, Vol. VI. p. 37.) (Chefchens des Verfs. von die Giese Akademie) ; New York 1854 []

New YorkGoldbeck, Robert: La complaintemélodie russe ; transcrite pour le piano ; Op. 33 ; New York [ca. 1860] [Schuberth [u.a.]]

New YorkTorrey, John/Gray, Asa: A flora of North America: containing abridged descriptions of ...arranged according to the natural system ; New York u.a. 1843 []

New YorkTorrey, John/Gray, Asa: A flora of North America: containing abridged descriptions of ...arranged according to the natural system ; New York u.a. 1840 []

New YorkParsons, S. B.: The Rose: its history, poetry, culture and classification ...; New York 1847 [Wiley & Putnam]

New YorkGoodrich, Aaron: A history of the character and achievements of the ...With numerous illustrations and an appendix ; New York 1874 [D. Appleton]

New YorkKøppen, Adolph Ludvig: The world in the middle agesan historical geography, with accounts of the origin and development, the institutions and literature, the manners and customs of three nations in Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa, from the close of the fourth to the middle of the fifteenth century ; New York [etc.] 1854 [D. Appleton and company]

New YorkBenton, Thomas Hart: Thirty years' view or a history of the working ...from 1820 to 1850 ; New York 1854 [Appleton]

New YorkMoore, Frank: The rebellion record: a diary of American events, with ...With an introductory address, on the causes of the struggle, and the great issues before the country by Edward Everett ; New York 1862 [G. P. Putnam]

New YorkTenney, W. J.: The Military and Naval History of the Rebellion in ...With Biographical Sketches of deceased Officers. Illustrated with Steel Plate Portraits ; New York 1867 [D. Appleton]

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