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(Time Period 750 - 2010)

Tommaso Giordani 

Three sonatas

4 58851

London 1782


Brudenell Exton 

A new and general system of Midwifery

Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek -- Med 1137

London 1753


Matthias von Holst 

The pavillion

4 90.1065

London 1815


Johann Nepomuk Hummel 

Grand duet

4 92.1720

London 1825


Matthias von Holst 

Donna Leonora

4 90.1066

London 1819


The Petition of the Unborn Babes to the censors of the ...

Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek -- 4 Med 929

London 1752


The new dispensatory

Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek -- Med 947

London 1753


John Floyer 

A treatise of the Asthma

Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek -- Med 1251

London 1745


James Russell Lowell 

The Biglow papers

P.o.angl. 212 ob-2,2

London 1862


Joseph Mazzinghi 

Swiss air

4 87.2118

London u.a. 1813


Walter Turnbull 

The dream

4 89.813

London 1830


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

In quali eccessi o numi

4 2008.3883

London [u.a.] 1817


Sophie Gail 

L' autre jour

4 2008.3879

London 1830


Francesco Masini 

Si tu savais comme je t'aime

4 2012.4252#Beibd.7

London 1850


Charles Dibdin 

The death of Nelson

4 2008.3882

London [u.a.] 1807


Francesco Masini 


4 2012.4252#Beibd.2

London 1850

showing: 1-40 of 16.774
(Time Period 750 - 2010)

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List of Works of London

LondonPleyel, Ignaz: Eight sett of six quartettos for two violins, tenor ...op. 23 ; London [ca. 1810] [Forster]

LondonExton, Brudenell: A new and general system of Midwifery four parts ... ; London 1753 [Owen]

LondonHolst, Matthias von: The pavilliona favorite rondo for the piano forte ; London ca. 1815 [Holst]

LondonCrow, Edwin John/Bryant, William Cullen: The child and the lilysong ; London [ca. 1860] [Cocks]

LondonBlockley, John/Tennyson, Alfred: Messenger swallow(O swallow, swallow) ; duett from Tennysons's medley of the "Princess" ; London [ca. 1855] [Blockley]

LondonBlangini, Felice/Vianesi, Auguste Charles Léonard François: Per valli, per boschiDuettino ; London [ca. 1860] [Lonsdale]

LondonWallace, William Vincent/Bochsa, Robert-Nicolas-Charles: Favorite airs from Wallace's opera of Maritana ...; London [ca. 1860] [Hutchings]

LondonBlumenthal, Jakob/Tennyson, Alfred: The days that are no more; London [ca. 1860] [Davison]

LondonCramer, Johann Baptist: Three sonatas for the piano forte ...op. 22 ; London ca. 1801 [Clementi u.a.]

LondonHolst, Matthias von: The Marquis of Wellington's victory at Salamanca ...grand march and military waltz for the piano forte ; London ca. 1814 [Holst]

LondonHummel, Johann Nepomuk: Grand duetfor two performers on the piano forte ; London ca. 1825 [Boosey]

LondonBochsa, Robert-Nicolas-Charles/Pacini, Antonio Francesco: Marche, pas redoublédeux melodies de l'opera Saffo de Pacini ; pour la harpe ; London [ca. 1860] [D'Almaine]

LondonBochsa, Robert-Nicolas-Charles: Introductory exercises or studies for the harp ...; London [ca. 1860] [Chappell]

LondonBochsa, Robert-Nicolas-Charles: Valse de Gallenbergduo facile et espressif pour harpe et piano ; London [ca. 1870] [Chappell]

LondonHolst, Matthias von: Donna Leonoraa Spanish notturno ; composed for the piano forte ; London ca. 1819 [Holst]

LondonAuber, Daniel-François-Esprit/Scribe, Eugène: Masanielloor The dumb girl of Portici ; a grand opera ; London Ca. 1840 [Willis]

LondonThe Petition of the Unborn Babes to the censors ...; London 1752 [Cooper]

LondonThe new dispensatory; London 1753 [Nourse]

LondonFloyer, John: A treatise of the Asthmain four parts ; London 1745 [Innys]

LondonInett, John/Duarte Capriata, Domingos: Origines Anglicanaeor a history of the English church ; London 1710 []

LondonInett, John/Serarius, Nikolaus: Origines Anglicanaeor a history of the English church ; London 1704 []

LondonMendelssohn, Moses/Allemand, Judah d': Sēfer Tôrā nevî'îm û-ketûvîm ...; London [1836] []

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