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Route of the Expedition from Isle à la Crosse to Fort ...

BA/4 It.sing. 368 t#Kartenbeilage 2

London 1823


A Map of Java

BA/4 671-2#Kartenblatt 3

London [erschienen: Bruxelles] 1824



2 Mapp. 275 k-11

London 1753



Mapp. XIV,156 n

London 1812


Peking and Tientsin

Mapp. XIX,119 bm-1

London 1932


Merchant Shipping Act, 1894

4 A.hydr. 504 p

London 1894


Coal Mines Act, 1911

4 Metall. 60 n

London 1911


The Bibliographical Society

4 N.libr. 80 f-C

London 1897


The Bibliographical Society

4 N.libr. 80 e-6

London 1900


The Bibliographical Society

4 N.libr. 80 e-5

London 1899


The Bibliographical Society

4 N.libr. 80 e-3

London 1897


The Book of the London international Chess Congress

4 Gymn. 200 a

London, New York and Bombay 1900


Biologia Centrali-Americana

4 H.nat. 23 ha-4,4

London 1886

angezeigt: 1-40 aus 16.605
(Zeitraum 750 - 1990)

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LondonHolyoake, George Jacob

Hostile & generous toleration ...(a new theory of toleration) ; a discourse delivered in South Place Chapel, on Sunday, February 28th, 1886 ; London 1886

LondonLaurie, Robert/Whittle, James

Laurie And Whittle's New And Elegant General Atlas ...Chiefly Intended For The Use of Schools, And Convenience Of Gentlemen's Libraries, Also To Accompany The Various Geographical Grammars, Dictionaries, &c. Comprising All The New Discoveries To The Present Time; Being more copious than any Atlas published of this Size, Containing Thirty-Eight Maps, Printed On A Fine Wove Elephant Paper ; [Gewidmet] Charlotte Augusta Princess of Wales ; London 1801 [erschienen 1802]

LondonHummel, Johann Nepomuk

A favorite sonata in Dfor the piano forte and flute ; London [ca. 1830]

LondonHerz, Henri/Tulou, Jean Louis

Brillant variationsfor the piano forte & flute on the favorite march in Mosè in Egitto ; op. 42 ; London [ca. 1825]

LondonMoscheles, Ignaz/Mayseder, Joseph

Grandes variations concertantes ...pour piano forte & violon ; sur un air favori ; London [ca. 1825]

LondonBishop, Henry Rowley/Rossini, Gioachino

Native landor Return from slavery ; opera, in 3 acts, performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden ; London [1824]

LondonBoyce, William

SOLOMON. A SERENATA, In Score, Taken from the CANTICLES. ...; London 1743

LondonMayseder, Joseph/Rossini, Gioachino

Concertante variationson the favorite cavatina from Rossini's opera Semiramide ; op. 37 ; London [1853]

LondonBeethoven, Ludwig van

Sonatafor the piano-forte with an accompaniment for the violin ; op. 30 ; London [ca. 1820]

LondonHerz, Henri/Tulou, Jean Louis

Duo et variations concertanspour piano et flute ; sur la romance C'est une larme ; op. 18 ; London [1828]

LondonMartini, Johann Paul Aegidius

Martini's celebrated overture Henry the Fourth ...; London [ca. 1820]

LondonHändel, Georg Friedrich/Clarke, John

Solomon; London [ca. 1820]

LondonHaydn, Joseph/Clementi, Muzio

The creationan oratorio ; London [ca. 1808]

LondonSteibelt, Daniel

A selection of favorite airs in the grand ballet ...; London [1804]

LondonBeethoven, Ludwig van

A sonata for the pianoforte with an accompaniment for ...op. 96 ; London [ca. 1816]

LondonHändel, Georg Friedrich/Clarke, John

Alexander's feast; London [ca. 1820]

LondonHaydn, Joseph

Trois quatuors pour deux violons, alto, et violoncello ...op. 72 ; London [ca. 1803]

LondonSteibelt, Daniel

The favorite ballet of La belle laitière ...; London [ca. 1805]

LondonArne, Thomas Augustine

Artaxerxesa grand opera ; London [1819]

LondonPleyel, Ignaz

Three quartets for a flute, violin, tenor & violoncello ...op. 17 ; London [ca. 1814]

LondonViotti, Giovanni Battista

A new grand concerto for the piano forte with ...; London [ca. 1803]

LondonPleyel, Ignaz

Three quartets for a flute, violin, tenor & violoncello ...op. 19 ; London [ca. 1806]

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