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Alexander Agassiz 

Revision of the Echini

4 Zool. 239 i-3,1,1/3

Cambridge, Mass. 1873


The book of common prayer

Res/4 Liturg. 80

Cambridge 1761


Kuno Francke 

German after-war problems 1218 m

Cambridge, Mass. 1927


Justin Winsor 

Bibliographical Contributions

4 N.libr. 12 e-2

Cambridge, Mass. 1886

angezeigt: 1-40 aus 287
(Zeitraum 750 - 1990)

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CambridgeRusell, John

Theœ two famous pitcht battels of Lypsich, and Lutzen, ...With an elegie upon his untimely death, composed in heroick verse ; Cambridge 1634

CambridgeSmith, Robert

Aœ Complete System Of Opticks ...In Four Books, viz. A Popular, a Mathematical, a Mechanical, and a Philosophical Treatise ... ; Cambridge [1738]

CambridgeBabbage, Charles

On the influence of Signs in Mathematical Reasoning ...; Cambridge 1826

CambridgeBabbage, Charles

Observations on the Notation employed in the Calculus of ...; Cambridge 1820

CambridgeBabbage, Charles

On the Determination of the General Term of a ...; Cambridge 1824

CambridgeAgassiz, Alexander

Anœ address at the opening of the Geological Section ...June 12, 1902 ; Cambridge 1902

CambridgeHerford, Charles Harold

Studies in the literary relations of England and Germany ...; Cambridge 1886

CambridgeMullinger, James Bass

Theœ University of Cambridge from the earliest times to ...; Cambridge 1873 -

CambridgeQ. B. F. F. Q. S. Alumnos conlegi Harvardiani ...; Cambridge [1873]

CambridgeAgassiz, Alexander

Revision of the Echini; Cambridge, Mass. 1873

CambridgeRobertson, John George

Studies in the genesis of romantic theory in the ...; Cambridge 1923

CambridgeThe book of common prayer; Cambridge 1761

CambridgeLampros, Spyridōn P./Robinson, Joseph Armitage [Hrsg.]

A collation of the Athos Codex of the shepherd ...; Cambridge 1888

CambridgeArnold, Edward Vernon

Roman stoicismbeing lectures on the history of the stoic philosophy with special reference to its development within the Roman Empire ; Cambridge 1911

CambridgeMerrill, N. Fred.

Monograph upon Guanidine- and its Derivatives, with an account ...(Züricher Diss.) by N. Fred. Merrill ; Cambridge 1873


The "Peace" of Aristophanes<...> A revised text, with english notes, and a preface. By F. A. Paley ; Cambridge 1873

CambridgeFiggis, John Neville

Theœ Divine Right of Kings; Cambridge 1922

CambridgeQ. B. F. F. Q. S. Alumnos conlegi Harvardiani ...; Cambridge [1872]

CambridgeMasson, David

The Life of John Milton: narrated in Connexion with ...By David Masson ; Cambridge, London 1859 - 73 - 94

CambridgeFrancke, Kuno

German after-war problems; Cambridge, Mass. 1927

CambridgeFiggis, John Neville

Studies of Political Thought from Gerson to Grotius 1414 ...; Cambridge 1907

CambridgeLaurie, S. S.

John Amos Comenius Bishop of the Moravians his Life ...; Cambridge 1885

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