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BaltimoreDamphoux, Edward: Greek course, comprising extracts calculated to lead the student ...; Baltimore 1826 [Fielding]

BaltimoreDamphoux, Edward: Greek course, comprising extracts calculated to lead the student ...; Baltimore 1829 [Fielding]

BaltimoreDamphoux, Edward: Greek course, comprising extracts calculated to lead the student ...; Baltimore [ca. 1829] [Fielding]

BaltimoreHayden, Horace H.: Geological Essaysor an enquiry into some of the geological Phenomena to be found in various parts of America, and elsewhere ; Baltimore 1820 []

BaltimoreStenz, Geo. C.: La Moravienneinvented & introduced by M. Hlasko ; Baltimore 1852 [Stenz]

BaltimoreStenz, Geo. C.: Hommage aux Fleurs de la cubetrois dances de salon pour le piano ; Baltimore 1853 [Willig [u.a.]]

BaltimoreStenz, Geo. C.: Hommage aux Fleurs de la cubetrois dances de salon pour le piano ; Baltimore 1853 [Willig [u.a.]]

BaltimoreStenz, Geo. C.: Hommage aux Fleurs de la cubetrois dances de salon pour le piano ; Baltimore 1853 [Willig [u.a.]]

BaltimoreChanning, Edward: Town and county government in the English colonies of ...; Baltimore 1884 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Henry Carter: Taxation in the United States 1789-1816 ...; Baltimore 1884 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Methods of historical study; Baltimore 1884 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreShinn, Charles Howard: Land laws of mining districts; Baltimore 1884 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreMacy, Jesse: Institutional beginnings in a western state ...; Baltimore 1884 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreFredericq, Paul: The Study of history in Holland and Belgium [... ...; Baltimore 1890 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimorePerabeau, H.: Veni Creator Spiritus(Spirit creator of mankind) ; a hymn for 4 voices [and organ] ; Baltimore 1863 [Willig]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Jared Sparks and Alexis de Tocqueville ...; Baltimore 1898 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter/Wood, Henry: Columbus and his discovery of America ...; Baltimore 1892 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreBassett, John Spencer: Anti-Slavery Leaders of North Carolina ...; Baltimore 1898 [Johns Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreBassett, John Spencer: The Constitutional Beginnings of North Carolina '(1663-1729)' ...; Baltimore 1894 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreBassett, John Spencer: Slavery and Servitude in the Colony of North Carolina ...; Baltimore 1896 [Johns Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Seminary Libraries and university extension ...; Baltimore 1887 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreHollander, Jacob H.: Studies in state taxation with particular reference to the ...; Baltimore 1900 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Public educational work in Baltimore by Herbert B. Adams ...; Baltimore 1899 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreFredericq, Paul: The Study of history in Germany and France [... ...; Baltimore 1890 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: The church and popular education ...; Baltimore 1900 [J. Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreChanning, Edward: The Narragansett planters; Baltimore 1886 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreWhite, Andrew Dickson: European schools of history and politics ...; Baltimore 1887 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreFredericq, Paul: The Study of history in Holland and Belgium [... ...; Baltimore 1890 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimoreTurner, Frederick Jackson: The character and influence of the Indian trade in ...; Baltimore 1891 [Johns Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreBemis, Edward Webster: Cooperation in the Middle States ...; Baltimore 1888 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreShinn, Charles Howard: Coöperation on the Pacific Coast ...; Baltimore 1888 [Publications Agency of the Johns Hopkins University]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Notes on the literature of charities ...; Baltimore 1887 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreBemis, Edward Webster: Cooperation in New England; Baltimore 1888 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreTrent, William Peterfield: English culture in Virginiaa study of the Gilmer Letters and an account of the English professors obtained by Jefferson for the University of Virginia ; Baltimore 1889 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreBassett, John Spencer: Slavery in the State of North Carolina ...; Baltimore 1899 [Johns Hopkins Press]

BaltimorePorter, John Addison: The City of Washington, its origin and administration ...; Baltimore 1885 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreJameson, John Franklin: An introduction to the study of the constitutional and ...; Baltimore 1886 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: The Germanic Origin of New England towns ...; Baltimore 1882 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Norman constables in America; Baltimore 1883 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreBemis, Edward Webster: Local Government in Michigan and the North-West ...; Baltimore 1883 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Saxon Tithing-men in America; Baltimore 1883 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreFreeman, Edward Augustus: An Introduction to American institutional history ...; Baltimore 1882 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreAdams, Herbert Baxter: Village Communities of Cape Anne and Salem ...; Baltimore 1883 [Johns Hopkins Univ.]

BaltimoreJohnson, Walter R.: A lecture on the mechanical industry and the inventive ...Delivered before the Maryland Institute for Promoting the Mechanic Arts, Baltimore, January 16, 1849 ; Baltimore (1849) [Printed by Sands & Mills]

BaltimoreThompson, Henry Dallas: Hyperelliptische Schnittsysteme und Zusammenordnung der algebraischen und transcendentalen Thetacharacteristiken ...; Baltimore 1892 [Druck d. Friedenwald Compagnie]

BaltimoreVan Vleck, Edward Burr: Zur Kettenbruchentwickelung Lamé'scher und ähnlicher Integrale ...; Baltimore 1893 [Druck d. Friendenwald Compagnie]

BaltimorePage, James M.: On the primitive Groups of Transformations in space of ...Leipziger Inaug. Diss. Reprinted from American Journal of Mathematics, vol X N. 4 ; Baltimore 1888 [Press of Isaac Friedenwald]

BaltimoreHaskell, Mellen Woodman: Ueber die zu der Curve [lambda]3[my] + [my]3[ny] + ...; Baltimore 1890 [Druck v. Isaak Friedenwald]

BaltimoreEgenter, Franz Josef: Deutsche Soldatenlieder aus dem ersten Revoluzionsfrühling 1848 ...; Baltimore 1850 [L. Brummer]

BaltimoreMason, Emily V.: Popular Life of Gen. Robert Edward Lee ...Illustr. with 17 Original Designs by Professor Volck ; Baltimore 1872 [J. Murphy and Co.]

BaltimoreWallis, Severn Teackle: Discourse on the Life and Character of George Peabody, ...Published by the Peabody Institute ; Baltimore 1870 [John Murphy]

BaltimoreClark, Hubert Lyman: Synapta vivipara; Baltimore 1898 [J. Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreBerger, E. W.: Physiology and histology of the Cubomedusae including Dr. F. ...; Baltimore 1900 [Johns Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreConant, Franklin Story: The Cubomedusae; Baltimore 1898 [Johns Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreDrew, Gilman A.: Yoldia limatula; Baltimore 1899 [Johns Hopkins Pr.]

BaltimoreThe Roman catholic prayer book, or devout Christian's vade ...being a summary of select and necessary devotions ; Baltimore 1801 [Warner & Hanna]

BaltimoreMiles, George H.: The Governess, or the Effects of Good Example ...An Original Tale. Being a leaf from every-day life ; Baltimore 1851 [Hedian & O'Brien]

BaltimoreDorsey, Anna H.: The Oriental Pearl: or The Catholic Emigrants ...; Baltimore 1850 [John Murphy]

BaltimoreWilberforce, R. I.: An Inquiry into the Principles of Church-Authority; or, Reasons ...; Baltimore 1855 [Hedian and O'Brien]

BaltimoreBrackenridge, Henry M.: Voyage to South-Americaperformed by order of the American government in the years 1817 and 1818 in the frigate Congress ; in two volumes ; Baltimore (1819) [Toy]

BaltimoreBrackenridge, Henry M.: Voyage to South-Americaperformed by order of the American government in the years 1817 and 1818 in the frigate Congress ; in two volumes ; Baltimore (1819) [Toy]

BaltimorePastoral Letter of the first National Council of the ...; Baltimore 1852 [J. Murphy and Co.]

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Gada Breslavl Breslavl Breslauw Breslauw Breslau London Paris St. Petersburg Breslau London Paris St. Petersburg Breslau ; Hirschberg ; Lißa in Südpreußen Breslau ; Hirschberg ; Lißa in Südpreußen Breslau ; Hirschberg ; Lissa in Südpr. Breslau ; Hirschberg ; Lissa in Südpr. Brentford Brentford Bremen Rom Bremen Rom Bremen München Bremen München Bremen London Paris Bremen London Paris Bremen Hamburg Leipzig Lübeck Bremen Hamburg Leipzig Lübeck Bregogne Bregogne Bredae Bredae Breda, Dusseldorf Breda, Dusseldorf Brebeytel Brebeytel Brebeyrel Brebeyrel Braşiova Cronstadt Braşiova Cronstadt Braunschweig und Wolfenbüttel Braunschweig und Wolfenbüttel Braunschweig Zürich Braunschweig Zürich Braunschweig Wien Braunschweig Wien Braunschweig St. Petersburg Braunschweig St. Petersburg Braunschweig Leipzig Wolfenbüttel Braunschweig Leipzig Wolfenbüttel Braunschweig Danzig Leipzig Braunschweig Danzig Leipzig Braunschweig ; Wolffenbüttel Braunschweig ; Wolffenbüttel Braunfeld Braunfeld Brannsberg Brannsberg Brailla Brailla Braecianum Braecianum Brachara Brachara Braccara Braccara Boyneburg Boyneburg Bourd. Bourd. Bounae Bounae Boullon Boullon Botavia Botavia Boston, Cleveland/Ohio Boston, Cleveland/Ohio Boston & New York Boston & New York Borken Borken Borgo Nuovo Borgo Nuovo Borgo Francone Borgo Francone Borgerhout Borgerhout Boredaux Boredaux Bordeaux u.a. Bordeaux u.a. Boppard Boppard Bononiae Studiorum Bononiae Studiorum Bononiae Bononiae Bonn, Bonn, Bonn Simrock Bonn Simrock Bonn Löwen Paris Bonn Löwen Paris Bonn Heidelberg Marburg Bonn Heidelberg Marburg Bolton Bolton Bolognia ; Ferraria Bolognia ; Ferraria Bolacco Bolacco Bois-le-Duc Bois-le-Duc Bockenheim Bockenheim Bock Bock Bnetzovii Bnetzovii Bloys Bloys Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Bleicherode Bleicherode Blasenburg Blasenburg Blankensee bei Gerswalde in der Uckermark Blankensee bei Gerswalde in der Uckermark Blankenburg b. Rudolstadt Blankenburg b. Rudolstadt Blandford Blandford Blanckenburg Blanckenburg Blanbenbg. Blanbenbg. Blaj Blaj Bitchū Kurashiki Bitchū Kurashiki Bistum Eichstätt Bistum Eichstätt Bissingen Bissingen Birwinken Birwinken Birkenstein Birkenstein Bionne Bionne Bingerbrück ; Bingen am Rhein Bingerbrück ; Bingen am Rhein Billigheim Billigheim Bilefeldt Bilefeldt Biennae Biennae Bienna ap. Bernates Bienna ap. Bernates Biel & Bern Biel & Bern Biegendorf Biegendorf Biebrich Biebrich Bidgosiae Bidgosiae Bicurgicorum Metropoli Bicurgicorum Metropoli Bicurg. Meleop. Bicurg. Meleop. Bibliopolae Monacensis Bibliopolae Monacensis Bibimus Bibimus Biberbach Biberbach Bey Meintz zu S. Victor Bey Meintz zu S. Victor Beverley Beverley Beul sur le Rhin Beul sur le Rhin Bethlehem Bethlehem Bessastadir Bessastadir Besigheim Besigheim Berwide-on-Tweed Berwide-on-Tweed Beruthim Beruthim Berolineni Berolineni Berol Berol Bernstadt Bernstadt Bernn in Üchtlandt Bernn in Üchtlandt Berneck Berneck Berne i.e. Paris Berne i.e. Paris Bernberg Bernberg Bernau bei Berlin Bernau bei Berlin Bern-Belp Bern-Belp Bern und Solothurn Bern und Solothurn Bern u.a Bern u.a Bern u. Solothurn Bern u. Solothurn Bern & Solothurn Bern & Solothurn Berman Berman Berlino u.a. Berlino u.a. Berlin-Lankwitz Berlin-Lankwitz Berlin, später: Marburg Berlin, später: Marburg Berlin, Lejpcig Berlin, Lejpcig Berlin, Druck v. P. Stankiewicz Buchdr. Berlin, Druck v. P. Stankiewicz Buchdr. Berlin und Potsdam i.e. Wien Berlin und Potsdam i.e. Wien Berlin u. Frkf a. O. Berlin u. Frkf a. O. Berlin u. Christiania Berlin u. Christiania Berlin u. Brandenburg Berlin u. Brandenburg Berlin et Leipzig Berlin et Leipzig Berlin Zürich Berlin Zürich Berlin Wittenberg Berlin Wittenberg Berlin Weimar Wien Berlin Weimar Wien Berlin Tübingen Berlin Tübingen Berlin Straßburg Berlin Straßburg Berlin Stockholm Berlin Stockholm Berlin Rostock Berlin Rostock Berlin Regensburg Berlin Regensburg Berlin Paris Straßburg Berlin Paris Straßburg Berlin London München Berlin London München Berlin Leipzig Rom Berlin Leipzig Rom Berlin Kassel Berlin Kassel Berlin Hannover Berlin Hannover Berlin Halle Leipzig Berlin Halle Leipzig Berlin Göttingen Berlin Göttingen Berlin Genf Berlin Genf Berlin Frankfurt an der Oder Halle Magdeburg Berlin Frankfurt an der Oder Halle Magdeburg Berlin Bruxelles Leipzig Berlin Bruxelles Leipzig Berlin Breslau London Berlin Breslau London Berlin ; Wien ; Leipzig Berlin ; Wien ; Leipzig Berlin ; Potsdam =Erfurt Berlin ; Potsdam =Erfurt Berlin ; Kyiv Berlin ; Kyiv Berlin ; Frankfurth an der Oder Berlin ; Frankfurth an der Oder Berlin ; Frankfurt a.d. Oder Berlin ; Frankfurt a.d. Oder Berlin & Leipzig Berlin & Leipzig Berl. Berl. Beriti Beriti Bergzabern ; Paris Bergzabern ; Paris Bergreichenstein Bergreichenstein Bergia Bergia Bergenius Bergenius Bergen u.a. Bergen u.a. Bergedorf Bergedorf Berg Carpeio zu Sanct Maria ava coeli Berg Carpeio zu Sanct Maria ava coeli Berg Andechs Berg Andechs Berenhovia Berenhovia Berelin Berelin Bere Bere Berdizen Berdizen Berditshov Berditshov Beolinum Beolinum Bennopolis Bennopolis Bennae Bennae Benfeldt Benfeldt Benetiesin Benetiesin Beneduz Beneduz Benediktbeuren Benediktbeuren Belzig Belzig Belsben Belsben Belp-Bern Belp-Bern Bellovaccum Bellovaccum Belle-Oeil Belle-Oeil Belgern Belgern Beithmann Beithmann Beilngries Beilngries Beiertheim Beiertheim Beetzendorf Beetzendorf Bedford Bedford Bederkesa Bederkesa Beauvais Paris Beauvais Paris Bayreuth Palermo Bayreuth Palermo Bayern/Österreich Bayern/Österreich Bayern/Lenting Bayern/Lenting Bayern, Nordfrankreich Bayern, Nordfrankreich Bayern und Böhmen Bayern und Böhmen Bayerdiessen Bayerdiessen Battle Creek Battle Creek Battice Battice Baton rouge Baton rouge Batignolles Batignolles Batavium Batavium Batavia. sGravenhage Batavia. sGravenhage Basileae u.a. Basileae u.a. Basel Wien Basel Wien Basel Lausanne Basel Lausanne Basel Konstanz Basel Konstanz Basel Edinburgh Basel Edinburgh Barthsruhe Barthsruhe Bartfeld Bartfeld Bartenstein in Ostpreußen Bartenstein in Ostpreußen Barri u.a. Barri u.a. Barr i.E. Barr i.E. Barmen ; Zürich Barmen ; Zürich Barmen ; Gladbach Barmen ; Gladbach Barletta Barletta Barigi Barigi Barga Barga Barbados Barbados Banská Bystrica Banská Bystrica Bangkok Bangkok Banaduz Banaduz Bamberg München Bamberg München Bamberg Frankfurt am Main Leipzig Würzburg Bamberg Frankfurt am Main Leipzig Würzburg Bamberg Frankfurt am Main Leipzig Bamberg Frankfurt am Main Leipzig Balonnapolis Balonnapolis Ballenstet Ballenstet Bait as-Saltana Lakhnau Bait as-Saltana Lakhnau Bagnères-de-Bigorre Bagnères-de-Bigorre Bagdad Cöthen Bagdad Cöthen Bagatelle Bagatelle Baerdeghem Baerdeghem Badajoz Badajoz Bad Harzburg Bad Harzburg Backnang Backnang Bacharach i.e. Offenbach Bacharach i.e. Offenbach Babylon Babylon Babepergae Babepergae B... B...



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