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The latest digitised works Le ultime opere digitalizzate presso la Biblioteca di Stato Bavarese, senza alcun tipo in ordine di distribuzione online. Disponibile anche in una text-only versione testuale.

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Die neuesten Digitalisate Encyclopaedia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Philologia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Historia et Geographia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Mathematica

Die neuesten Digitalisate Physica

Die neuesten Digitalisate Anthropologia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Philosophia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Aesthetica

Die neuesten Digitalisate Politica

Die neuesten Digitalisate Medicina

Die neuesten Digitalisate Jurisprudentia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Theologia

Die neuesten Digitalisate Stampe rare

Die neuesten Digitalisate Dissertazioni

Die neuesten Digitalisate Collezioni chiusi e donazioni

Die neuesten Digitalisate Testimonianze scritte antiche

Die neuesten Digitalisate Manoscritti

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Music supplies Musica

Maps Mappe

Latin manuscripts Manoscritti latini

German manuscripts Manoscritti tedeschi

Bavarica Bavarica

Per secoli selezionati

Works from the 18th century Opere del 19 ° secolo (1801 and 1900).

Works from the 18th century Opere del 18 ° secolo (1701 and 1800).

Works from the 17th century Opere del 17 ° secolo (1601 and 1700).

Works from the 16th century Opere del 16 ° secolo (1501 and 1600).


News 29.07.2014

Nuove aggiunte alle collezioni digitali


Aggiornato ogni giorno: Nuove aggiunte alle collezioni digitali della Biblioteca di Stato Bavarese. Libri online: 1.043.979


News 10.07.2014

Extensive update of our successful app "Ludwig II – Walking in the Footsteps of a Fairytale King"


On the occasion of this year's 150th anniversary of the accession to the throne of King Ludwig II, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek presents an extensive update of the popular and award-winning app "Ludwig II - Walking in the Footsteps of a Fairytale King".


News 04.07.2014

New: A viewer for polyphonic music works of the 16th century


The viewer for polyphonic music works is a specialized application for our digitization project Printed sources of polyphonic music (1501-1700) from the Bavarian State Library: digitization and online presentation. It allows simultaneous display of belonging together voices from a set of parts to different segments of the screen. More than half of the 2,200 surviving in the BSB older printed music was published in the form of part-books (votes).



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