List of Works from 1000

Bibliorum veteris Testamenti pars secunda (inde a Psalmis Davidis). ...; [S.l.] 10./11. Jh.

Antiphonale - BSB Clm 29316(5; Salzburg 10./11. Jh.

Theodorus <Daphnopata>

Vita Sancti Ioannis Chrysostomi - BSB Cod.graec. 108 ...; [S.l.] 10./11. Jh.

Ratherius <Veronensis>

Ratherii episcopi Veronensis translatio S. Metronis, epistolae, sermones [u.a.] ...; [S.l.] 10./11. Jh.

Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus

Boetii de topicis differentiis libri IIII. Eiusdem liber divisionis ...; [S.l.] 10./11. Jh.

Cassiodorus, Flavius Magnus Aurelius

Historia ecclesiastica tripartita - BSB Clm 18466 ...; Tegernsee gegen 1000

Johannes <Chrysostomus>

In Matthaeum homiliae 46 - 53 et 56 - ...; [S.l.] um 1000

Johannes <Chrysostomus>

Homiliae 33 - 67 in Genesim [u.a.] - BSB ...; [S.l.] um 1000 bzw. 14. Jh. (ff. 49r - 59v) und 15. Jh., 1. Hälfte (ff. 183r - 185r)

Biblia, Neues Testament, Apokalypsis - BSB Clm 29270(12 ...; [S.l.] Oberitalien Anfang 11. Jh.

Macrobius, Ambrosius Theodosius

In somnium Scipionis commentarius, Lib. II cap. V 35 ...; Regensburg/St. Emmeram 10./11. Jh.

Haimo <Altissiodorensis>

Commentum in Cantica canticorum - BSB Clm 29448(1 ...; Tegernsee 10./11. Jh.

Johannes <Chrysostomus>

In Ioannem homiliae 47-88 - BSB Cod.graec. 4 ...; Konstantinopel ? 11. Jh.

Homiliae de epistulis Pauli - BSB Clm 6264 ...; [S.l.] 11. Jh.

Ambrosius de bono mortis [u.a.] - BSB Clm 22046 ...; [S.l.] 11. Jh.

Biblia, AT. Libri historiales - BSB Clm 29265(16 ...; [S.l.] 11. Jh.

Biblia, AT. Libri historiales - BSB Clm 29265(11 ...; [S.l.] 11. Jh.

Haimo <Halberstadensis>

Expositio in Apokalypsin - BSB Clm 29449(1 ...; [S.l.] Anfang 11. Jh.

Sulpicii Severi vita S. Martini cum eiusdem epistolis et ...; [S.l.] 11. Jh.

Sacramentarium - BSB Clm 29300(45 ...; Tegernsee 11. Jh.

Biblia, Neues Testament, Evangelium - BSB Clm 29270(11 ...; [S.l.] 1. Hälfte 11. Jh.

Biblia, Neues Testament, Epistolae Pauli - BSB Clm 29270(13 ...; [S.l.] 11. Jh.

Biblia, Neues Testament, Evangelia - BSB Clm 29270(14 ...; [S.l.] Anfang 11. Jh.

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News 01.08.2014

Latest Additions to our Digital Collections


Updated daily: Latest additions to the Digital Collections of the Bavarian State Library. Items online: 1,044,045


News 30.07.2014

Now online: The earliest preserved Hungarian gospel translation of 1466


As the earliest preserved gospel in the Hungarian language (1466), the so-called "Munich codex" is the core specimen of the Hungarian manuscript collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Cod.hung. 1) and forms part of the so-called "Hussite bible". It can be regarded as the philological-historical monument of the research of Hungary. The work is now available to the academic world not only in the form of the edition by Szabó T. Ádám, but also as complete digital facsimile.


News 10.07.2014

Extensive update of our successful app "Ludwig II – Walking in the Footsteps of a Fairytale King"


On the occasion of this year's 150th anniversary of the accession to the throne of King Ludwig II, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek presents an extensive update of the popular and award-winning app "Ludwig II - Walking in the Footsteps of a Fairytale King".


News 04.07.2014

New: A viewer for polyphonic music works of the 16th century


The viewer for polyphonic music works is a specialized application for our digitization project Printed sources of polyphonic music (1501-1700) from the Bavarian State Library: digitization and online presentation. It allows simultaneous display of belonging together voices from a set of parts to different segments of the screen. More than half of the 2,200 surviving in the BSB older printed music was published in the form of part-books (votes).


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