Beside of digitization of two-dimensional objects such as books, maps or images, the Munich Digitization Center (MDZ) of the Bavarian State Library is also dedicated to digitization in 3D. The beginnings of the 3D digitization date back to the year 2007 and led in 2012 to the creation of a special 3D digitization unit at the MDZ. In the context of the bavarikon project financed by the Bavarian State, several dozen 3D models from archives, libraries and museums in Bavaria are now available for interactive online viewing. Two different scanning systems are currently in use for capturing the objects: A 3D stripe light scanner for small to medium-sized formats (approx. 2 to 250 cm) and a laser scanner for large objects, architecture or interiors (approx. 2 to 20 m).


To obtain a coloured, photorealistic 3D presentation, a complicated and time-consuming post-processing is required, since the diversity of materials and shapes of the objects needs individual treatment. Postprocessing of scanning data takes place by using the scanner software and different special applications originating from computer game production. During a long process, the scans are being error-corrected, reassembled and aggregated into a point cloud. Subsequently, the point cloud is converted into a grid model, mapped with corresponding digital photos, resulting in a coloured photorealistic 3D model.

Since the process results in very large files with a high resolution, the data volume has to be reduced afterwards in order to provide the 3D objects via Internet. MDZ has developed a special 3D viewer for internet presentation which is being used for the project bavarikon. It allows the user to control and set the virtual light source, as well as color and gloss individually.

A new workflow for color-coded 3D-digitization is being developed in order to bring the color quality of the 3D objects even closer to the original.

Here you can find some 3D models of the Bavarian State Library in the project bavarikon:

3d-Digitalisierung 3d-Digitalisierung

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Sir Francis Drake's last voyage (1595/96)Sir Francis Drake's last voyage (1595/96)

Sir Francis Drake's last voyage (1595/96)

The manuscript Cod.angl. 2 is one of the most important English manuscripts of the Bavarian State Library. Among writings and letters on English seafaring from the 16th and 17th century, it contains a journal of Sir Francis Drake's last voyage, covering the period from August 28, 1595 to May 20, 1596, describing the course of one of the ships of this expedition to the West Indies. On page 13v from January 28 is a note about the death of Sir Francis Drake. The manuscript is available in an annotated version via our IIIF-viewer.
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Virtual tour through the MDZ ScanningCenterVirtual tour through the MDZ ScanningCenter

Virtual tour through the MDZ ScanningCenter

In this five-minute film the MDZ provides an overview of digital production at the Bavarian State Library.


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