Munich DigitiZation Center (MDZ) handles the digitization and online publication of the cultural heritage preserved by the Bavarian State Library and by other institutions. It provides one of the largest and fastest growing digital collections in Germany, now comprising titles available online. Access is free of charge!

Virtual tour through the MDZ ScanningCenter

In this five-minute film the MDZ provides an overview of digital production at the Bavarian State Library. During a virtual tour of the ScanningCenter we will show you how our equipment and scanning stations are used for careful and book-conserving digitization.

Digitization Policy

Treppenhaus der BSB The Munich DigitiZation Center makes no difference between high quality digitization and mass digitization. Both is possible due to 10 years of expertise and the presence of a high quality scanning equipment. The ambition is to scan every book or manuscript once in the best quality possible and to use the produced images for different purposes such as web presentations, facsimile production as well as the production of classic microfilm copies.

Every single step of the digitization process follows the Practical Guidelines for the Cultural Heritage Funding Programme of the German Research Foundation.

All workflows and scanning devices were developed and selected by assistance of the Institute of Book and Manuscript Conservation of the Bavarian State Library. They fulfil the strictest conservation requirements. This ensures a fast but also gentle digitization with no risk of damaging valuable manuscripts and books.

Digitization Workflow

Since 2004 the workflow of the Munich DigitiZation Center is managed by the "Zentrale Erfassungs- und Nachweisdatenbank" (ZEND), a scaleable selfmade workflow tool based on a MySQL database. The ZEND manages the control of all pre-defined workflows such as data exchange with the catalogue, allocation of an URN, automatic image converting, automatic and manual indexing, generating of the web presentation and, last but not least, the automatised archival storage of all data. Additional XML Frameworks allow the implementation of meta search functions and the allocation of digital objects inside subject portals.



The scanning devices of the Munich DigitiZation Center

The MDZ has more than 35 scan systems for 2D and 3D shots.


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