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Amsterdam, including the following spellings:

Amsterodami//Amsterdam// Amsterodami//Amsterdam// [Amsterdam ; Leipzig] [Amsterdam ; Leipzig] Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdami//Amsterdam// Amsterdami//Amsterdam// Amstelaedami Amstelaedami Amsterdame Amsterdame S.l. [Amsterdam] S.l. [Amsterdam] [t'Amstelredam//Amsterdam//] [t'Amstelredam//Amsterdam//] [Amsterdam] [Amsterdam] Amsterdam [tatsächlich Venedig ?] Amsterdam [tatsächlich Venedig ?] Amstelodami Amstelodami Amstelodami//Amsterdam// Amstelodami//Amsterdam// Amst. Bat.//Amsterdam// Amst. Bat.//Amsterdam// [Amsterdam J. Schmitt] [Amsterdam J. Schmitt] S.l. [vermutlich Amsterdam] S.l. [vermutlich Amsterdam] Amstelaedami//Amsterdam// Amstelaedami//Amsterdam// Amsterdam. Hamburg. Leipzig, Glücksbrunn Amsterdam. Hamburg. Leipzig, Glücksbrunn (Amsterdam) (Amsterdam) Paris [erschienen in Amsterdam] Paris [erschienen in Amsterdam] Hildburghausen ; Amsterdam ; New York Hildburghausen ; Amsterdam ; New York [Amsterdam u.a.] [Amsterdam u.a.] Amsterdam [u.a.] Amsterdam [u.a.] Paris [erschienen: Amsterdam] Paris [erschienen: Amsterdam] Amstelodamum Amstelodamum Amsterdam, Leipzig Amsterdam, Leipzig Amsterdam [i.e. Prag] Amsterdam [i.e. Prag] Amsterdam, Kaapstad Amsterdam, Kaapstad Amsterdam [erschienen: DenHaag] Amsterdam [erschienen: DenHaag] Amsterdam [i.e. Köthen] Amsterdam [i.e. Köthen] Ambsterdam Ambsterdam Amsterdam ; Leipzig Amsterdam ; Leipzig Amsteldam//Amsterdam// Amsteldam//Amsterdam// S.l. [wohl Amsterdam] S.l. [wohl Amsterdam] Amst.//Amsterdam// Amst.//Amsterdam// Amsterlodami Amsterlodami [vermutl. Amsterdam] [vermutl. Amsterdam] Amsterdam; Alkmaar Amsterdam; Alkmaar Amsterdam [u. a.] Amsterdam [u. a.] Amsteldam Amsteldam Amsterdam [i.e. Halle, Saale] Amsterdam [i.e. Halle, Saale]

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(Time Period 750 - 2017)

Joan Blaeu 

Segusium Prima Ab Alpibus Cotiis Civitas

Amstelodami//Amsterdam// 1682
2 Mapp. 32-1#43


Pieter van der Keere 


Amsterdam 1676
4 Mapp. 117#43


Michail A. Bakunin 

God en de Staat

Amsterdam 1888
Pol.g. 1164 w-1


Carel Allard 


[Amsterdam] 1695
4 Mapp. 2#33



[Amsterdam] 1628
2 Mapp. 116-4#16



Amsterodami//Amsterdam// 1633
2 Mapp. 118 b-2#89


Le Mercure hollandois

Amsterdam 1686
Eph.pol. 58-1684


Le Mercure hollandois

Amsterdam 1683
Eph.pol. 58-1681


Le Mercure hollandois

Amsterdam 1680
Eph.pol. 58-1678


Le Mercure hollandois

Amsterdam 1681
Eph.pol. 58-1679


Le Mercure hollandois

Amsterdam 1678
Eph.pol. 58-1676/77


Le Mercure hollandois

Amsterdam 1678
Eph.pol. 58-1675/76



Amstelaedami 1663
2 Mapp. 26-1#29


Principatus Hennenbergensis

Amstelodami//Amsterdam// 1658
2 Mapp. 80,2-113

showing: 1-40 of 351
(Time Period 750 - 2017)

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