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New York New York New York ; Frankfurt [u. a.] New York ; Frankfurt [u. a.] New York, NY New York, NY New York u.a. New York u.a. New York [u.a.] New York [u.a.] New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y. New York, NY [u.a.] New York, NY [u.a.] Ithaca, New York Ithaca, New York Brooklyn/N. Y. Brooklyn/N. Y. [New York] [New York] New York, Chicago New York, Chicago New York, Chicago and Richmond, VA. New York, Chicago and Richmond, VA. New York, Cincinnati New York, Cincinnati


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(Time Period 750 - 2017)


Peter Sanders 

Fast priority queues for cached memory

New York, NY 2000
Digital Object Identifier 10.1145/351827.384249


Felix Putze & Peter Sanders

MCSTL: the multi-core standard template library

New York, NY 2007
Ulm, Universitätsbibliothek -- QAA 525/2007 Sb#S.144-145


Michael Wand & Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide

The randomized z-buffer algorithm

New York, NY 2001
Regensburg, Fachhochschulbibliothek -- F 00/11 A 1928#S.361-370


Edilson de Aguiar & Hans-Peter Seidel

Performance capture from sparse multi-view video

New York, NY 2008
Regensburg, Universitätsbibliothek -- 40/QA 65526-27,1#S.98:1-98:10


Juha Kärkkäinen & Peter Sanders

Linear work suffix array construction

New York, NY 2006
Regensburg, Universitätsbibliothek -- 40/QA 65510-53.2006#S.918-936


Peter Sanders & Sebastian Egner

Polynomial time algorithms for network information flow

New York, NY 2003
München, Bibliothek der Technischen Universität -- 0102/DAT 516f 2001 B 3473#S.286-294


Wolfgang Heidrich & Hans-Peter Seidel

Realistic, hardware-accelerated shading and lighting

New York, NY 1999
München, Bibliothek der Technischen Universität -- 0102/DAT 750f 2001 B 3014-1999#S.171-178


Yutaka Ohtake & Alexander Belyaev

Ridge-valley lines on meshes via implicit surface Fitting

New York, NY 2004
Passau, Universitätsbibliothek -- 80/SA 2970-23#S.609-612


Yutaka Ohtake & Hans-Peter Seidel

Multi-level partition of unity implicits

New York, NY 2003
Passau, Universitätsbibliothek -- 80/SA 2970-22#S.463-470


Joel Carranza & Hans-Peter Seidel

Free-viewpoint video of human actors

New York, NY 2003
Passau, Universitätsbibliothek -- 80/SA 2970-22#S.569-577


Leif Kobbelt & Hans-Peter Seidel

Interactive multi-resolution modeling on arbitrary meshes

New York, NY 1998
Passau, Universitätsbibliothek -- 80/SS 1998 O71 C6-1#S.105-114


Slawomir Grzonka & Wolfram Burgard

Activity-based estimation of human trajectories

New York, NY 2012
Bayreuth, Universitätsbibliothek -- 84.SQ 6678-28#S.234-245


Slawomir Grzonka & Giorgio Grisetti

A fully autonomous indoor quadrotor

New York, NY 2012
Bayreuth, Universitätsbibliothek -- 84.SQ 6678-28#S.90-100


Giorgio Grisetti & Cyrill Stachniss

Nonlinear constraint network optimization for efficient map learning

New York, NY [u.a.] 2009
Karlsruhe, Universitätsbibliothek -- ZE 8512-10.2009#S.428-439


Gerhard Hirzinger 

Sensor-based space robotics

New York, NY 1993
München, Bibliothek der Technischen Universität -- 0001/ZB 1126-RA 9.1993#S.649-663


Jee-Hwan Ryu & Gerhard Hirzinger

Time domain passivity control with reference energy following

New York, NY 2005
Kassel, Universitätsbibliothek -- 58 Z 10808-13.2005#S.737-742


Giorgio Grisetti & Wolfram Burgard

A tutorial on graph-based SLAM

New York, NY 2010
Karlsruhe, Universitätsbibliothek -- ZE 9835-1/3.2009/11#2#4#S.31-43


Microstructure-based description of the deformation of metals

New York, NY 2011
Erlangen, Universitätsbibliothek -- T40/ZW-230*2011,Nr.1-6#4#S.26-33


L. T. Remlap 

The life of General U. S. Grant, his ....

New York, Chicago and Richmond, VA. 1888


showing: 41-80 of 181
(Time Period 750 - 2017)


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