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Book Illustrations on Virgil's Aeneis 1502-1840 (Vergilius pictus digitalis)

From all editions published between 1502 and 1840 (editions of the Opera or the Aeneid; translations) of Virgil (P. Vergilius Maro, 70-19 BC; also: Vergil, Virgil, Virgile, Virgilio) in the possession of the Bavarian State Library, the Illustrations included – around 200 of over 500 Virgil prints – the almost always black and white, rarely colored woodcuts or copper engravings as well as directly associated text pages such as indications of origin for these illustrations were digitized. In addition to around 2,000 individual pages with illustrations from editions only with figurative frontispiece or with smaller illustration cycles (usually 1 image for each of the 12 Aeneis books), selected old prints, the larger series of images on Virgil (several with 50 and more illustrations) included, completely digitized, so that the direct image / text reference is recognizable. A printed manual by Werner Suerbaum from 2008 opens up this thesaurus of illustrations for Virgil. A tabular display lists those prints of which only the illustrations have been digitized.