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Viewer Help

Basics functions

Video basic functions in Mirador


In its basic function you can use Mirador to view digitized images. By using the scroll wheel, you can zoom in and out of the picture, with the left mouse button pressed, you can drag the image. On mobile devices just use pinch and zoom and drag the image with your finger.

The navigation bar below the image allows flipping through the pages, jumping to the beginning or end and selecting a specific image by scan number. Via the view menu in the upper viewer bar Mirador offers a number of views: You can choose between single view, book view or gallery. If the 'Book' view is selected, the view can be shifted by one image. A thumbnail bar can be optionally displayed below or to the right of the image or hidden completely. Use the button on the right to switch to full screen view.

Options for keyboard navigation

Keyboard shortcut



scroll to the first image


scroll to the previous image


scroll to the next image


scroll to the last image


switch to book view


switch to gallery view


switch to single view


toggle fullscreen mode


switch off fullscreen mode

Note: the events will only apply to the currently focussed window.

Sharing, Tweeting, Posting

In the upper viewer bar the appropriate button offers the possibility to share links to digitized pages by e-mail, on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Crop and edit image section

In the single page view the function 'Activate selection of an image region' appears in the upper viewer bar. By dragging the mouse the required section is selected, whose size, rotation, reflection and color quality can then be changed. The link to the possibly edited image detail can be copied to the clipboard or shared via social networks.

Download options

The menu for the download options can also be accessed via the upper viewer bar. Offered is

  • the download of single images (JPEG) in different resolutions,

  • a link to our PDF/DaFo service for downloading the complete object (including full text, if available),

  • the download of metadata as IIIF manifest, in MARCXML or RDF format.

Metadata, tocs and search within object

Video metadata, tocs and search within object

The left viewer sidebar offers

  • metadata of the current object and a link to the page with the detailed information,

  • copyright information,

  • if available, table of contents that allows comfortable navigation to different sections of the object,

  • a search within the volume, if full texts are available.

Image tool bar and text overlay options

Video image tool bar und text overlay options

In the upper right area of the viewer two tool bars for temporary image editing and text overlay can be expanded.

The image tool bar allows (cf. the buttons from left to right)

  • rotation of the image in 90° steps to the left or right,

  • flipping,

  • change of brightness, contrast and saturation,

  • display in grayscale,

  • inverting colors ('negative view').

All changes can be reset to the initial state.

The text overlay options underneath the image tool bar allow to select the full text in the image. In addition, the image can be overlayed with the recognized full text. The opacity of the fade can be adjusted as well as the background color of the font by using the color picker.