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Dekorative Kunst

In 1885 Friedrich Bruckmann founded the first German art magazine 'Die Kunst für Alle', which was published by Friedrich Precht. In 1897, together with Julius Meier-Graefe, Bruckmann founded the magazine 'Dekorative Kunst - Illustrierte Zeitschrift für angewandte Kunst '. In 1900, both magazines were combined in a complete edition under the title 'Die Kunst'. However, from 1900 to 1929 the even-numbered volumes continued to appear separately under the title 'Dekorative Kunst'. The magazine's focus lies on architecture. Country estates, villas or commercial buildings are shown in numerous photographs, some of them in color, and their construction methods as well as their interiors are examined. Other major topics are landscape architecture and garden or park design.

In addition, the magazine contains reviews of designs for war memorials, designs for various commemorative medals, articles on sculpture and painting, and reviews of works by porcelain manufacturers. Altogether a very broad spectrum of art is covered. With the support of the University Library of the Technical University of Munich, which provided missing volumes to fill in the gaps, it was possible to digitize all volumes of decorative art for preservation reasons.