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Francia - Research on Western European History

Published since 1973 by the German Historical Institute in Paris, the journal 'Francia. Forschungen zur westeuropäischen Geschichte' is an international forum for scholarly discussion among historians primarily in German, French and English. The factual spectrum of the journal ranges from early medieval archaeology to Franco-German relations after the Second World War. Economic, constitutional and social historical approaches are taken up, as well as the history of international relations, aspects of recent cultural history and the discussion of historiographical methods.

Francia divides its reporting period into the well-known three epochs:

  • Middle Ages - Moyen Âge (500-1500).

  • Early Modern Period - Revolution - Empire (1500-1815)

  • 19th/20th century - Histoire contemporaine

Accordingly, Francia was published in three annual volumes from 1988 to 2007, in the years from 1973 to 1987 and after 2007 again only in one volume.

The 70 or so volumes of Francia published up to 2006 (comprising articles and reviews) are available here in retro-digitized form as Francia-Retro. All further volumes will be successively put online as PDF files in open access mode, with a delay of one year, within the framework of perspectivia.net, the publication platform of the Max Weber Foundation (GHIA).

The review section of Francia has been published exclusively on perspectivia.net as Francia-Recensio since 2008.