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Music Collection of Peter Huber from Sachrang

The Sachranger music collection of Peter Huber, also called 'Müllner-Peter' (1766-1843), comprises 312 music manuscripts. It contains a total of 478 works, including at least 8 pieces composed by Peter Huber himself. Characteristic for the collection are the often beautifully designed covers with the note 'ad me Petrum Huber'. The importance of the collection, acquired by the Bavarian State Library in 1938, lies above all in the unique, almost complete transmission of the church music repertoire of a village community in the Bavarian-Austrian border region at the beginning of the 19th century. Among the preserved works are numerous unique pieces, among them above all the works of the Munich town musician Augustin Holler (1744-1814), which are known today almost only through Huber's transcriptions. Other composers represented with numerous works are Joseph Alois Holzmann (1762-1815), Wilhelm Lechleitner (1779-1827) and Anton Ignaz Posch (1790-1842). In addition to genres of sacred music (65 Latin and 51 German masses, offertories, vesper psalms, litanies and sacred songs), the collection also includes several instrumental works, primarily dance music of the period (minuets, ländler, German dances), but also a few chamber music works.