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Vogler, Georg Joseph (1749-1814): Music Manuscripts

With the personal papers of the Munich universal scholar and music researcher Karl Franz Emil von Schafhäutl (1803-1890) an important collection of autographs and copies of Georg Joseph Vogler, called Abbé Vogler, was acquired by the Bavarican State Library. Abbé Vogler, who, similarly to Schafhäutl, was a researcher and teacher in a variety of subjects, namely composer, music theoretician, instrument maker, master organ player, music director and clergyman, as member of the Mannheim court music ensemble belongs to the world-famous 'Mannheim school' of composition with regard to his compositional work. After long-term stays abroad, for example as music director at the court of Gustav III in Stockholm, pronounced teaching activity and numerous expeditions, he returned to Munich several times, where he pursued ambitious organ construction projects until the last years of his life and was politically active, involving a number of publications. His work as a composer comprises all types of compositions, showing French and Italian influences, and the consideration of chorales, hymns and folk songs.