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Medieval and modern manuscripts from all over the world, letters and autographs, music manuscripts

Selected Collections

Ancient South Arabian Inscriptions on Wood
Latin Manuscripts
German Manuscripts
Fragments of German and Latin Manuscripts
Greek Manuscripts
Manuscripts in further European Languages
Hebrew Manuscripts
Arabic Manuscripts
Further Oriental Manuscripts
African Manuscripts
South Asian Manuscripts
Central Asian Manuscripts
East Asian Manuscripts
Southeast Asian Manuscripts
Manuscripts of the Benedictine Monastery St. Emmeram in Regensburg
Cimelia of the Studienbibliothek Dillingen
Convents - Manuscripts and Incunabula
Munich Corvinus Collection - Manuscripts of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register
Magnificent Manuscripts - Treasures of Book Illumination from 780 through 1180
Europeana Regia: A Digital Collaborative Library of Royal Manuscripts in Medieval and Renaissance Europe - Manuscripts of the Bavarian State Library
Cimelia of the Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg
Manuscripts from the the treasury of the Munich Residence
Cimelia of the Staatliche Bibliothek Ansbach
Treasures from the Landesbibliothek Coburg
Manuscripts from Freising
Cimelia of the Staatliche Bibliothek Passau
Cimelia of the Staatliche Bibliothek Neuburg
Early Printed Books of the Altomünster Monastery Published before 1803
Bequests of the Bavarian State Library
Letters and Individual Documents of Famous Personalities (Autogr.Cim.)
Book Illuminations from the Reichenau Monastery
Reproductions of Imperial Charters
Gorgeous Bindings as Art Objects
Digital East Asia Collections
Music Manuscripts of the Bavarian State Library
Manuscript Opera Scores from the 18th Century of the Bavarian State Library
Logbook of a Ship of Sir Francis Drake’s Last Voyage
Ottheinrich Bible
Babylonian Talmud
Evangeliary of Henry II
Reichenau Gospel
Song of the Nibelungs
Wolfram von Eschenbach‘s Parzival
Magnificent Choir Book of Albrecht V
Tale of Genji
Tegernsee manuscripts
Manuscripts of Emperor Henry II of the Bamberg State Library