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CambridgeWagner, Rudolf G.: Inside a service tradestudies in contemporary Chinese prose ; Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.] 1992 [Harvard Univ. Press]

CambridgeWagner, Rudolf G.: The canonization of May fourth ...; Cambridge, Mass. 2001 [Harvard Univ. Press]

CambridgeNeese, Frank/Pantazis, Dimitrios A.: What is not required to make a single molecule ...; Cambridge 2011 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeFratzl, Peter: Structure and mechanical quality of the collagen–mineral nano-composite in ...; Cambridge 2004 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeLaurie, S. S.: John Amos Comenius Bishop of the Moravians his Life ...; Cambridge 1885 [University Press.]

CambridgeApollonius Pergaeus: Apollonius of Perga, Treatise on Conic Sections ...Edited in modern notation with Introductions including an Essay on the earlier History of the subject by T. L. Heath ; Cambridge 1896 [University Press]

CambridgeHeath, Thomas L./Diophantus <Alexandrinus>: Diophantos of Alexandria a study in the history of ...a study in the history of Greek Algebra ; Cambridge 1885 [Univ. Press]

CambridgeSharp, David: Fauna Hawaiiensis or the Zoology of the Sandwich (Hawaiin) ...; Cambridge 1900 [At the University Press]

CambridgeSharp, David: Fauna Hawaiiensis or the Zoology of the Sandwich (Hawaiin) ...; Cambridge 1900 [At the University Press]

CambridgeSharp, David: Fauna Hawaiiensis or the Zoology of the Sandwich (Hawaiin) ...; Cambridge 1900 [At the University Press]

CambridgeWinsor, Justin: Bibliographical ContributionsLibrary of Harvard University. Edited by Justin Winsor ; Cambridge, Mass. 1886 - 90 [John Wilson]

CambridgeWinsor, Justin: Bibliographical ContributionsLibrary of Harvard University. Edited by Justin Winsor ; Cambridge, Mass. 1878 - 1885 [John Wilson]

CambridgeDickson, Robert: Annals of Scottish printing from the introduction of the ...By Robert Dickson and John Philip Edmond ; Cambridge 1890 [Macmillan & Bowes]

CambridgeRobinson, Charles Henry: Specimens of Hausa literature; Cambridge 1896 [Univ. Press]

CambridgePhilo <Alexandrinus>/Harris, James Rendel: Fragments of Philo Judaeus; Cambridge 1886 [Univ. Press]

CambridgeRule, Martin: The Missal of St Augustine's Abbey Canterbury with Excerpts ...Edited with an Introductory Monograph, from a Manuscript in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge by Martin Rule ; Cambridge 1896 [Uniersity Press.]

CambridgeFinch, Gerard Brown/Wright, Richard Thomas: A selection of cases on the English law of ...; Cambridge 1896 [Univ. Pr.]

CambridgePickering, Edward Charles: Variable Stars of long PeriodThe Astronomical Observatory at Harvard College ; Cambridge 1891 [John Wilson]

CambridgePickering, Edward Charles: An Investigation in Stellar Photography conducted at the Havard ...By Edward C. Pickering. Extracted from Vol. XI of the Memoirs of the American Academy ; Cambridge 1886 [University Press John Wilson and Son]

CambridgeGiles, Herbert A.: A Catalogue of the Wade Collection of Chinese and ...; Cambridge 1898 [Univ. Press]

CambridgeJeans, James Hopwood: The mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism ...; Cambridge 1908 [Univ. Pr.]

CambridgeCampbell, Alfred W.: Histological studies on the localisation of cerebral function ...; Cambridge 1905 [Univ. Pr.]

CambridgeBarrington, Amy: A first study of the inheritance of vision and ...By Amy Barrington and Karl Pearson. With 1 plate and 3 diagrams in the text ; Cambridge 1909 [Cambridge University Press]

CambridgeForsyth, A. R.: Theory of Functions of a complex variable ...; Cambridge 1900 [At the University Press]

CambridgeEuclides/Hill, M. J.: The Contents of the fifth and sixth Books of ...; Cambridge 1900 [University Press]

CambridgeVeith, Michael: Molecular precursors for nano materials ...a one step strategy ; Cambridge 2002 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeDe Lellis, Camillo/Müller, Stefan: Optimal rigidity estimates for nearly umbilical surfaces ...dedicated to Hermann Karcher ; Cambridge, MA 2005 [Internat. Press]

CambridgeLahiri, Aditi/Wetterlin, Allison: Lexical specification of tone in North Germanic ...; Cambridge 2005 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeChen, Zhiming/Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz: On the Lawrence-Doniach model for layered superconductors ...; Cambridge [u.a.] 1997 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeDeSimone, Antonio/Müller, Stefan: A compactness result in the gradient theory of phase ...; Cambridge [u.a.] 2001 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeHabermann, Lutz/Jost, Jürgen: Metrics on Riemann surfaces and the geometry of moduli ...; Cambridge [u.a.] 1998 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeChristensen, Ulrich R.: Zonal flow driven by strongly supercritical convection in rotating ...; Cambridge [u.a.] 2002 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeDeninger, Christopher/Schmidt, Klaus: Expansive algebraic actions of discrete residually finite amenable groups ...; Cambridge 2007 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeSchöpf, Wolfgang/Rehberg, Ingo: The influence of thermal noise on the onset of experimental investigation ; Cambridge [u.a.] 1994 [Cambridge Univ. Press]

CambridgeHabermann, Lutz/Jost, Jürgen: Green functions and conformal geometry ...; Cambridge, MA 1999 [Internat. Press]

CambridgeSchwalb, Nina K./Temps, Friedrich: A femtosecond time-resolved investigation of dual fluorescence from N6,N6-dimethyladenine ...; Cambridge 2006 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgePancur, Thomas/Temps, Friedrich: Femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion spectroscopy of a rotation-restricted azobenzene after ...; Cambridge 2005 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeWei, J./Temps, Friedrich: Photofragment velocity map imaging of H atom elimination in ...; Cambridge 2003 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeSchmidbaur, Hubert: Ludwig Mond lecture: High-carat gold compounds ...; Cambridge 1995 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeObleser, Jonas/Eulitz, Carsten: Magnetic brain response mirrors extraction of phonological features from ...; Cambridge, Mass. 2004 [MIT Press Journals]

CambridgeEulitz, Carsten/Lahiri, Aditi: Neurobiological evidence for abstract phonological representations in the mental ...; Cambridge, Mass. 2004 [MIT Press Journals]

CambridgeFelderhoff, Michael/Schüth, Ferdi: Combined TEM-EDX and XAFS studies of Ti-doped sodium alanate ...; Cambridge 2004 [Royal Soc. of Chemistry]

CambridgeEnders, Dieter/Paleček, Jięí: A direct organocatalytic entry to sphingoids ...asymmetric synthesis of D-arabino- and L-ribo-phytosphingosine ; Cambridge 2006 [RSC Publ.]

CambridgePrinz, Wolfgang: Free will as a social institution ...; Cambridge 2006 [MIT Press]

CambridgeJost, Jürgen/Zuo, Kang: Harmonic maps of infinite energy and rigidity results for ...; Cambridge, Mass. 1997 [International Press]

CambridgeRickaby, Franz: Ballads and songs of the shanty-boy ...; Cambridge 1926 [Harvard Univ. Pr.]

CambridgeEllis, Robert: An enquiry into the ancient routes between Italy and ...with an examination of the theory of Hannibal's passage of the Alps by the Little St. Bernard ; Cambridge [u.a.] 1867 [Deighton, Bell]

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